Set a gratitude intention


As someone who has been teaching hundreds of women to start a gratitude practice, I find it hard to write a simple “be grateful “post. I’ve never been able to say that.

Being grateful is so much more than listing a few things.

It’s easy to say thank you. It’s not always as easy to mean it.

True gratitude is a feeling.

But, that genuine feeling of abundance has to start somewhere from within.

Nearly four years ago, I set an intention to begin a practice of gratitude.

I think it read something like this:

May I feel real gratitude flowing through my body. May I accept what has been handed to me and love every moment through and through.

Real gratitude. That’s the secret to feeling abundance.

I didn’t want to just fake my way through. And, I certainly didn’t want to just feel grateful one month out of the year.

I wanted to feel appreciative of all of it — even the hard stuff. In fact, it was the hard stuff I needed to appreciate most of all — in order to grow and move on.

I know you do, too.

But, there’s an immense amount of work to do internally before we can walk a genuine life of gratitude. We have to let go of many things. We have to surrender to perfectly imperfect moments. We have to understand so much about ourselves.

This week, set your own intention for gratitude — however you wish to say it … however you wish to achieve it.

Starting is just the beginning. And always start right where you are right now.

This is Week 44 of the year-long series Project 52: Stay Awake. Feel free to join in at any point.

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