I love these kinds of emails:

“I’ve been thinking of you and wondering…how do you do it? Figuratively and literally?! How do you write, run a successful blog and page and parent and be a wife all while being present? I so easily get overwhelmed which keeps me from being present. You inspire me. Thank you.”

For a day, I could not respond.

My heart was too busy answering the question.

She got me thinking.

How do I truly stay awake?

Introducing Project 52: Stay Awake.

Project 52: Stay Awake is a year-long series that will encourage you to stay focused on what matters. Join along at any point and just start reading and responding to the prompts.

The best part is that you get to play along!

Each Monday, I’ll write a short, weekly PROMPT that will help spark your own Awesomely Awake journey. Beryl will offer a photography tip to encourage YOU to document your journey this year in photographs.

As always, this is YOUR project, too … you get to make up your own rules. Be creative. Post photos as often as you wish. Think outside the box of what each prompt means to you.

And, to create community, please upload your photos to our Project 52: Stay Awake Flickr group so we can see what an Awake life means for you. And, if you also use Instagram please use the hashtag #awakeproject13. 

To follow this project along just click on any of the following themes.

Week 1 | Sleep

Week 2 | Start where you are

Week 3 | Set a daily intention

Week 4 | Rise Early

Week 5 | Unplug

Week 6 | Embrace the Moment

Week 7 | Notice the Details

Week 8 | Say Yes

Week 9 | Try Something New

Week 10 | Get Outside

Week 11 | Savor

Week 12 | Make Connections

Week 13 | Mind Your Words

Week 14 | Honor Your Body

Week 15 | Act like a Child

Week 16 | Seek Out Awe

Week 17 | Quiet Your Mind

Week 18 | Pay Attention

Week 19 | I Will Not

Week 20 | Trust Yourself 

Week 21 | Working rest into a busy day

Week 22 | Slow Down

Week 23 | Make Space

Week 24 | Wake up to who you are

Week 25 | Seek out Simplicity

Week 26  | Use your senses

Week 27 | She let go

Week 28 | Find the Good

Week 29 | Start Living

Week 30 | Arrive Early

Week 31 | Surrender to Daily Routines

Week 32 | Embrace what Matters

Week 33 | Be Playful

Week 34 | Breathe Peace

Week 35 | Choose Joy

Week 36 | Be Open to the Lessons

Week 37 | Creating a Space for Stillness

Week 38 | Listen Up

Week 39 | Lose yourself in the moment

Week 40 | Accept the present moment

Week 41 | Kiss the Ground

Week 42 | Enjoy the Journey

Week 43 | Make Art

Week 44 | Set a Gratitude Intention

Week 45 | Be where you are

Week 46 | Do Less

Week 47 | Take comfort in the ordinary

Week 48 | Write a REAL to-do list

Week 49  | Be open to WONDERS

Week 50 | Create a Mantra for living

Week 51 | Kiss the Ground

Week 52 | Tell your story of right now.

Meet your fearless leaders: 



Shawn Ledington Fink is a writer and mama as well as the creative force behind the blog Awesomely Awake. She leads a peaceful movement of happy, mindful parents who are trying to change the world. She is an Abundant Mama of two little girls in first grade {yes, twins}. You can follow her crazy, awake and amazing adventures on Instagram by following awakeshawn.



Beryl Ayn Young is a wife, mama, teacher, and photographer who offers photography lessons to nourish the mind, body, and soul over on her. Beryl believes in lifelong learning, photographic healing, and a glass half full perspective. She teaches and provides photo coaching aimed at teaching you how to improve your camera skills and cherish life’s journey. Check out her site for more information on her courses. Connect with Beryl over on Facebook, she’d love to meet you! Follow Beryl on Instagram.


Questions & Answers

1. Do I need a fancy camera? No way. Camera phones, point-and-shoots are just fine. You can even use your kids’ LeapPad if you need to.

2. What if I want to remain private? Take the photos just for yourself. No biggie.

3. My life is too busy. I don’t think I can squeeze another thing in. Will this be time consuming? This is your life. Life is short. Like seriously short. Live accordingly.

4. Can I blog about this project? Absolutely. Please link back to this page when you do. Thank you for sharing!

5. Is this like any of your e-courses? Will it be a lot of work. Nope. E-courses offer a lot more detail, exercises and activities — as well as some amazing human connection and contemplation. This is just pure fun. Relax. Enjoy.

Stay Awake.

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