The Abundant Mama Project Self-Study Program


Ready to see your whole family life transform? That’s what happens when we start mothering — and living — from a place of enough and that’s what being an Abundant Mama is all about. Get started right now. Using powerful journaling prompts and creative soul-care, you’ll get started learning the Four Pillars of being an Abundant Mama — and start to fall back in love with your life!


You never thought your child would cry this much or throw so many fits or scream that loud.

And the messes. Oh, the messes. And chaos. And clutter.

And you can’t seem to keep up with it all.

Let alone find a few minutes for yourself to catch your breath and recharge.

And when you do finally get a few minutes, you don’t know what to do so you numb out on social media or addicting television or by overeating.

You’ve lost who you used to be and you aren’t sure who you are becoming.

That’s where The Abundant Mama Project Self-Study Program steps in and shows you how to fit in nourishing yourself — and your whole family — around the edges of your crazy, beautiful life.

Mothering from a place of overwhelm and exhaustion leads to yelling, resentment and, ultimately, feeling you are not good enough at anything, especially motherhood.

It’s hard to feel like a good mom when you are stuck in survival mode.

Feeling stuck and unable to care for yourself the way you need to be — because of lack of time, money or support — can send you straight to the Land of Bitter and Sour.

And that is NO place to spend this beautiful motherhood experience unfolding for you right now.

You need to get your joy back — and the Abundant Mama Self-Study Program helps you do just that.

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