Stay Awake Challenge


Life will pull you in a million different directions.

Life will have you spinning and going down crazy rabbit holes you aren’t even sure you really are interested in if you aren’t careful.

Enter … The Abundant Mama┬« Stay Awake Challenge, a year-long email journey to remind you each week to wake up, pay attention, and live more fully because you deserve a meaningful, deliberate life and sometimes you just need someone to remind you of that.

Each week you will receive ONE simple email with a mindfulness challenge to focus on all week long that includes photo and journaling prompts — or just thinking prompts, if you wish.

Let this intentional journey bring your focus back to what matters to YOU.

One email per week.

One focus per week for 52 weeks.

One reminder to stay awake and cherish your life.

Slow down. Breathe deeply. Cherish this moment you’re in. Join us on the Stay Awake journey now.

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