Shine Council


Life hits hard every year — derailing us from our goals and our dreams.

Then it takes you several weeks to catch up with life and feel whole again. like you can get back on track.

And, often, getting back on track just doesn’t happen. It’s like starting over again and again and not making any forward-motion progress.  

The next thing you know you have lost complete sight of everything you were working toward. You didn’t make the progress you wanted to make. Yada Yada Yada.

But that’s not what’s frustrating!

It’s the starting all over again and feeling like you’re spinning your wheels. Month after month. Week after week. 

Begin again. Reinvent the wheel.

I created last year’s Shine Council to give you the focus, motivation and accountability to keep TAKING ACTION on your beautiful life intentions and to have a solid sisterhood to make that progress with over the year.

Shine Council is a year-long wholistic coaching circle with me and it’s just $399 for the year — which includes 12 group coaching calls and a private group to share your progress. For. The. Year.

This little mama mastermind is going to be filled with love, good energy and inspiration. And fierce determination. 

There. Is. NO. Homework. Just life work. Show up. Learn. Take what applies to you to your life. Move on. 

Our work together in this small group through the year will be threefold.

1. To create a sisterhood that is about lifting you up and helping you rise in order to shine in all areas of your life — home, work, community. No goals? That’s fine. You still want to shine, right?

2. To double down on being MORE confident than ever in your body and your life. Each month’s focus word is going to be related to building your own inner light. And all of our check-in will be around that word. 

3. To push you to reach your personal edge as far as you can reach without feeling alone or misguided. Deeply supported PUSHING to get you to step out of your comfort zone, to lean into the hard places and DO. 

–>Our Shine Council will meet virtually on ZOOM — monthly–  all year long. (If we have enough interest to hold a second group at a different time I am open to making that work!)

How this will work ….

The first Monday of February, which is the REAL new year for many of us, we’ll meet to discuss, refine, and tweak your intentions and goals so they are a true fit.  

Then in March we’ll have a monthly check-in call with a FOCUS WORD that we’ll discuss.

In April, we’ll have a quarterly deep dive with a series of deeply aligned reflection journaling prompts to help you discern where to take your next three months. 

And that is our flow all year long.

In December, we will celebrate and review your progress.

SPACE IS LIMITED → We’ll be holding all of our calls on Zoom, where each month you will be put into a breakout room with your council members that have your back all year long.

AND, not just that — > you’ll get additional push and motivation from ME to keep you from slacking off into that Land of Bitter and Sour. 🙂 So additional ideas, inspiration and lessons to use here and there.

Your Investment is $399/year.

Gotta Business? This will be a write off as an expense — ask your accountant.
If you are interested, please send me a direct email telling me what lights you up about this kind of group experience — and what you hope to get from it. And let me know your time zone and best time available!

Because space is limited, I’ll send you the link to register directly.

Shine Council


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