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ReKindle Energy Boost is about accountability and action steps. In addition to receiving all the home study materials and lessons, ReKindle Energy Boost provides these additional inspirational resources:


Begins Feb. 25, 2019

The “ReKindle Energy Boost” is small-group experience that focuses on giving you an intimate experience with accountability and action steps. In addition to receiving all the ReKindle home study materials and lessons, ReKindle Energy Boost offers you these additional inspirational resources:

  • 3 Small Group Coaching Support Calls on Zoom with face-to-face connections. These calls will be held between 1 and 4 p.m. EST (I’ll use a Doodle poll to decide actual time!) These calls will meet every other week for 6 weeks starting the week of Feb. 25.
  • Friday Accountability Emails — This is a game changer. You’ll receive an inspirational email on Fridays from Shawn with a set of questions you need to fill out and return by Monday to keep accountable to doing your ReKindle work and implementing. These emails will help you work through any struggles you are having as well. You will also receive an email back from Shawn with SUGGESTIONS and FEEDBACK before the next Friday email is sent out. You will receive 6 emails starting the week of Feb. 25.
  • Weekly ReKindle Insider Podcast Series. This series is going to be a deep dive share of Shawn’s experience of doing the ReKindle work WITH her husband. She’ll share her own personal lessons learned. New ideas that are coming up that may impact ReKindle work in the future. Wins. And total ReKindle fails. 🙂 This podcast series will be emailed out starting Feb. 25.
  • ReKindle Care Package. After our 6 weeks together are finished, I’ll share with you several posters to hang up and keep near and dear to you for reminders. A list of Date-Night ideas. A done-for-you marriage meditation to help you tap into that place of deep love and respect. And a special podcast on how to get more of what you want or need in your marriage. You will receive your care package the first week of April.

Refunds? Due to the digital nature of this program, there will be no refunds. No exceptions.

About Your Guide — Shawn Fink

ReKindle creator, Shawn Fink, is the the family wellness coach for The Abundant Mama community. She’s worked with hundreds of busy mothers around the world to create peaceful systems, rituals and routines to live a more calm life in the chaos of motherhood and life.

She’s been married to Dan for 13 years and is thriving after raising twins, long commutes, unemployment and many other curveballs thrown their way. Her favorite ReKindle ritual is setting an intention for the day over morning coffee outside while the world is still quiet.

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