Midlife Magic Nature Retreat for Women


If being in nature is sometimes your idea of church than this retreat is for you. If you are at a point in your midlife that has you doing more wondering and questioning, this retreat is for you. If you love to dabble in deep thinking, journaling, meditation and even some downed log yoga, this retreat is for you. For three hours, we’ll bliss out in nature while having deep conversations about our seasons of aging, our growing sense of who we are and shedding some of who we no longer want to be. Join me for this unique women’s retreat experience. Retreat Date: Saturday, May 18 in York, PA.


I’ve been telling people lately that I’ve been in a midlife crisis.

Only, it’s not a crisis.

It’s a re-building.

And the only place I find refuge from it all is going deep into the belly of mother earth and sitting with my thoughts.

That is when everything becomes clear. Less urgent.

And it was during one of my own nature retreats when I realized I need to bring other people with me to experience nature in a new way.

This retreat is for you … 

  • If you find yourself asking more questions than you have answers for …
  • if you find yourself longing to be in the heart of the woods with no to-do list for a few hours …
  • if you need sisterhood and heart-to-heart storytelling …
  • If you are interested in returning to a slower pace, a calmer heart …
  • If you desire to spend more time seeking beauty and feeling grounded …

This retreat is not for you if you hate the woods or bugs or getting dirty. Sorry. 🙂

Why a Nature Retreat?

The science is very clear. Being in nature is a powerful stress reliever and good for our health.

According to a March 2011 systematic review in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, people who walked outside felt less stressed, more calm and experienced more enjoyment than when they walked in a gym.

The American Hiking Society said, “Research shows that hiking has a positive impact on combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Being in nature is ingrained in our DNA but we sometimes forget that.”

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to breathe deeper, soak up some Vitamin D and slow down.

Why Midlife Women?

Aging with grace is a topic that is near and dear to my own heart right now.

And we need to have a space to talk about what we’re experiencing as our bodies change, as our place in the world changes, and as our family dynamics change.

Let this be a chance to toss out who we no longer want to be — and embrace and welcome the women we are becoming.

Additionally, there’s something very connecting about the seasons of the natural world and the seasons of a woman and I’m eager to deepen that connection.

We’re going to tie these two beautiful transitions together with meditation, poetry and journaling to find a clearer sense of what living a Midlife Magic Life can be for each of us.

Here’s how this retreat will work:

  • We will meet at our nature destination in the York, PA area (15 minute drive from York City). (The exact location for this Nature Retreat will be revealed upon your registration. Please, please, please arrive by 8:15 a.m.. We’ll begin right at 8:30 a.m.
  • We’ll do a 15 minute opening and getting to know you session.
  • We will take a leisurely hike out for about an hour and a half using silent meditation and various pauses to reflect, journal and discuss.
  • We’ll take a sweet break with some healthy snacks and hit the bathrooms. (Snacks will be provided.)
  • Then we’ll do a shorter hike to our final destination for a closing exercise.

What You Can Expect on this Retreat:

Connection. You can expect deep connection. To nature. To yourself. To the other hikers in our group.

But you can also expect the following:

  • Hiking. This will be moderate and easy enough for beginners but there will be some hills, steps and logs to climb over at times. So you need to be in pretty decent physical shape to walk but you do not have to be a professional hiker at all. If you can walk up a flight of stairs, this will work for you.
  • Meditation. I’ll be leading you through a few meditations and mindfulness practices throughout the experience.
  • Yoga. This will be optional but we’ll definitely bring out some tree poses in honor of the trees.
  • Journaling exercises.
  • Deep Conversations.
  • Time to reflect and sit with your thoughts.
  • Healthy snacks that will be provided.

Who am I?

My name is Shawn Fink and I’m a wellness coach and I am passionate about waking people up and living a more meaningful life. I’ve been leading powerful retreats with women all over the country. I believe in the transformational combination of soul work and sisterhood and there is nothing better than doing both in a beautiful, natural environment.

What you need to bring:

  • This is a nature experience so please dress appropriately to walk, possibly through some mud, to sit on dirty logs, rocks and other natural elements.
  • Wear bug spray to avoid picking up any critters like ticks.
  • A journal you love to write in or are willing to write in.
  • A camera if you are a nature photographer or just want to document your bliss.
  • Snacks if you have special dietary needs.
  • A backpack to carry your personal needs with ease.
  • A blanket, towel or sit upon cushion of some sort.

What you should not bring:

  • Anything heavy or valuable other than your camera.
  • Earbuds or music. This is a nature walk. We’ll be listening for the natural world.

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