Gratitude is My Superpower


Gratitude is My Superpower! is a 7-Day eCourse designed to help you begin a long-term gratitude practice. Register today and you’ll begin to receive a daily gratitude lesson in your inbox every day for a week. Each beautiful lesson is also offered to you in an audio file to download and listen to on the go so you can learn on your commute or while folding laundry.


My philosophy around gratitude is not telling you to just be grateful for everything in your life, you lucky little thing.

No, my style of gratitude practice is a spiritual transformation that will help you slow down and tap into that inner source of appreciation for your life — as it is right now, without changing one little thing — even the most difficult moments of your life.

Because isn’t that what you need most right now?

To fall back in love with your life right now? To see the beauty? To savor the goodness? To feel lighter? To feel more contentment? 

Here’s what to expect from this 7-Day eCourse

  • A tutorial on how to start your gratitude journaling practice.
  • Several Gratitude Journaling Prompts to take you deeper.
  • Beautiful gratitude rituals to use throughout your everyday life.
  • A Gratitude Meditation to connect to your grateful heart.
  • How to use gratitude on your really hard days.
  • How to keep going when you feel a resistance to practicing gratitude.
  • BONUS: How to Raise a Grateful Child resources

Begin right now.

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