Book Private Enoughness Sessions with Shawn


Stuck in feeling NOT ENOUGH? And realizing that that is driving you to burnout and exhaustion? You are not alone. Not enoughness is the most common trigger of a woman burning out. The answer is finally understanding what is ENOUGH for YOU. With your purchase of Enoughness Sessions you will receive the 21-day Enoughness Camp AND 2 60-minute private coaching calls with Shawn, your enoughnness coach. By working through the class AND getting support that is tailored to YOU, you will identify the true root of what’s holding you back and what can move you forward.


I created a coaching method that takes you from lack to plenty, from unworthy to worthy, from not enough to enough.

Pick any area of your life where you don’t feel enough and you can likely find that you are deeply unhappy in that part of your life.

I’m going to help you change that. Book your Private Enoughness Sessions with me and let’s turn your story around.

  • Your Enoughness Session includes a 21-day enoughness course and two 60-minute private coaching sessions with me designed to lead you away from an attitude of not enough and into a mindset of PLENTY.
  • Through a combination of homework and two private coaching sessions we will work together to find the root of your own not enoughness and help you create a plan to heal it — as well as cultivate an abundance mindset that will have you seeing a ripple effect of goodness in no time.
  • This method, once you learn it, can be applied to any other area of your life where you do not feel enough. So you can repeat it over and over until you finally feel enough in your whole life.



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