Be a YES Mama!


Saying YES is freedom. Saying YES is liberation. Saying YES sets you on a path of smiles, laughter and JOY.

We all know that as mothers we have a lot on our plates and saying yes is sometimes the LAST thing we want to do.

But we also know that it is often what we NEED to do to find our own joy again.

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Like most parents, I struggle with giving in too much as if this one little yes is suddenly going to open Pandora’s box and set the gimmes free.

But, in the end, saying YES isn’t always about THEM.

It’s about me.

I enjoy being a Yes Mom.

Being a Yes Mom makes my day brighter and a little easier because my children are happy and our day is more peaceful, which makes me a better mom.

I feel less conflicted or tormented when I say yes than when I say no, especially to things that really aren’t a big deal.

Nos are absolutely a part of raising children and parenting. And they are important for a child to hear – so they understand that life isn’t always fair and they don’t grow up thinking they can – or should — always get what they want in life.

In the Be a Yes Mama eCourse you will be guided through 10 blissful lessons that remind you not only how to stay more open to YES but how to make it feel FUN and JOYFUL.

Inside each lesson you will receive the following:

A Be a Yes Mama Lesson.
A Be a Yes Mama Dare
A Be a Yes Mama Permission Slip for YOU!

Ready for more EASE in your life? More fun in your family? More smiles on your kiddos’ faces? More adventures and more LOVE in your heart?

Sign up now and get started Being a YES Mama — and finding more FREEDOM in your life.

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