AMP Surrender reTREAT



Tired of feeling anxious and uptight?

Ready to lessen your load?

Eager to feel LIGHTER?

The Abundant Mama SURRENDER coaching reTREAT is just for you.

Why Surrender?

You know you need to relax, to let go and lighten up but HOW?

How do you do that when so much needs to be done and managed and checked off?

This AMP reTREAT will passionately lead you through exercises around trust, letting go and, of course, surrendering.

Our reTREAT Day is Friday, Feb. 1 at 1 p.m. EST. but you don’t have to attend. 🙂 Just watch the replay when you brew a cuppa and snuggle into a cozy little nook you’ve created for yourself. 

I’ll do the rest.


No homework to do ahead of time. No homework to do after — though you will walk away with some ingenious strategies to implement around trusting yourself, letting go and surrendering in your day-to-day so you can feel LIGHTER, STRONGER and CALMER.

What to expect in each reTREAT session:

  • An opening meditation related to the session’s theme (letting go, nourishing ourselves, etc.)
  • A Visualization Exercise to help you step into the topic of the session.
  • An inspiring conversation led on the session’s topic (ie: surrender, nurture, pleasure enoughness).
  • A Journaling Jam with DEEP DIVE journaling prompts to stir things up for you.
  • 3 Actions to take AFTER the session to go all in on our topic.
  • A Downloadable Worksheet + a mini playlist to use based on the theme as well.
  • Access to the recorded version to use and re-use anytime you need a retreat for yourself.

There are TWO ways you can participate in these online reTREATs.

Purchase them separately above — choosing the ones you have the most interest in — for $39/each. Add the sessions you are interested in to your cart.


Purchase ALL four in the series in a 4-series package for less than $25/session. Just sign up for the package option.

***BONUS — Anyone who signs up for the bundle of ALL FOUR sessions, will receive the AMP Program Home Study for FREE upon signing up today ($49 value!) If you already have been through the program or done the home study, you can receive a FREE month inside The Abundant Mama Peace Circle group coaching program ($40 value). Just email and let us know that is your preference. (Disclosure: For new members only.)

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