As a mother, it’s easy to get lost in the day’s to-dos.

The musts quickly rise to the surface and take over. And there are some days when that’s all it seems that gets done. That is fine most of the time.

But there’s another part of this life and existence that’s harder. And it’s about waking up. And just being in this world without a task to do.

It’s my privilege to show my daughters how to wake up and live a life that is about living, not just doing. I love seeing them really wake up and see the world for the beauty it carries along with it each day.

Such as a fish jumping out of the water or the way ducks flip over and dive under the water. Or the way the clouds hang in the atmosphere over the mountains.

These are things worth waking up for .. and waking up to.

These days, with our busy lifestyles rushing from here to there, working long hours and cell phones being used in every corner of the world — and park — it’s easy to just float by each day.

It’s easy to miss all that is beautiful and wonderful.

In this latest podcast episode, I’m talking about the power of waking up … to being awake to what is happening around you. And I tell you a pretty funny story, too.


The Power of Waking Up to Your Life

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Resources Inside this Episode:

The Wake Up Challenge — Start living more intentionally right now.




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