When we first dream of being a mother we have a vision in our heads of what that looks like.

Or at least some of us did. Many others do not have that luxury and end up pregnant without planning.

Either way, once we have a baby it is up to us to design motherhood how we want it to be — for ourselves, and our children.

Our actions, our words and how we show up in our family is our motherhood legacy.

And, this second — this very moment — is your parenting legacy.

And it might be exactly as you dreamed it was going to be. Or, it might not be anything close to what you thought. Either way, it is yours for the taking.

In the Abundant Mama Show this week, I’m sharing my next lesson in the 13 Parenting Lessons from 13 Years of Parenting series and this time I’m talking about a really important and heavy topic of making sure we’re tending to our emotional stuff.

We all come into parenting with some baggage. What we do with that baggage is up to us.

But what happens to that baggage affects our children greatly.

That’s why I’m talking about the importance of doing the work on yourself.

Listen to the podcast episode now.

Highlights inside this Episode

  • What our No. 1 job is in motherhood right now.
  • What is some of the baggage we carry into motherhood? 
  • What “Doing the work” means and how it can impact your own children.
  • What is the mother wound?
  • How does the mother wound we carry impact our children?
  • Breaking the cycle of generational wounds.
  • Parenting from a place of Abundance vs. Scarcity

**Abundant Mama Retreat Image by Renee Taylor Photography

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