Sometimes, you just have to do it.

You can’t think too much, or plan too much or fear too much.

Just do it.

I do this quite a bit, actually.

And yet there are so many times I hold off on doing things I know I should because I’m waiting.

On the perfect moment.

The perfect feeling.

The ideal time.

Or the money to reveal itself.

I get tired of that, don’t you?

Introducing: AMPlify Your Life, a podcast for busy moms by The Abundant Mama Project.

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What is AMPlify Your Life?

A podcast for busy moms.

AMP is the nickname that has been affectionally given to my program to help you Become an Abundant Mama.

And it just works. AMP is who we are and so it makes sense to amplify that message to the world.

I’ll be going into so many different and new topics related to being a busy, modern mother.

We’re juggling a lot. We need refreshing resources to cope and manage our busy lives.

That may mean I’ll talk about time management — which is the topic this week.

Each episode will be inspiring. And fairly short.

And, honestly, that’s all I’m going to promise. You will be inspired — to find your happy place. Each week there might be an inspiring interview with other Abundant Mamas. There might be inspiring poetry. There might be inspiring quotes. There might be inspiring rants. Who knows.

A funny story, first, though:

When I was a child, I spent most of my days at my grandmother’s house. For a while we lived with her and even when we didn’t I still think back to my childhood as being at her house.

She had an old tape recorder and I spent HOURS recording stories on that thing.


I recently played those tapes — yes, I still have them — for my daughters who rolled on the floor with the goofiness of my words.

I tell you this story because it’s insight. Insight that podcasting and talking and sharing my words with the world has always been inside of me.

Today, I’m releasing them for you to hear. Let them wash over you and bring ease.

When should you use this podcast?

  • Listen while doing the dishes.
  • Listen while folding laundry.
  • Listen while commuting.
  • Listen while eating lunch.
  • Listen while preparing for your day.
  • Listen while taking a walk.



Here are the resources in AMPlify Your Life Episode 1 (9 minutes 33 seconds):

Topics covered in Episode 1:

Factoring in the fun while being productive

Rising early to face the day

Working alongside our children

Being flexible above all else.

This episodes Abundant Mama Intention: May you find ease in your day today. May your day open up new opportunities for you to be present, peaceful and playful so you can embrace your happy place.

Discuss: What time management tips do you have to offer for getting things done while still remaining present and playful?

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