In a world that is starting to feel a lot like a trippy land of make believe … I am often wondering what is real and what is not?

Social media can be very deceiving.

It can be filled with false hope, false expectations and false reality.

This week’s podcast, in which I interview my husband, Dan Fink, is none of those things.

It’s as real as it can get though we did have to record twice in order to help Dan get used to being interviewed.

I loved interviewing him and which we could have talked for an hour. But I always try to keep my podcasts on the shorter side because, well, life.

In this episode, we get real about men and self-care, being a couple of total introverts, parenting and marriage.

Check it out and listen now. Leave a favorable review if you love the podcast and want to see it continue.


Highlights of this Episode

  • What is up with Men and Self-care?
  • Dan’s best advice for New Dads
  • Unplugging and phone use
  • Navigating parenting and marriage
  • Setting goals together

Resources Mentioned in this Episode (affiliate links may be included)

Aqua Notes

ReKindle Home Study Program

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