Relighting the fire in our marriages is a conversation that comes up a lot in my work with women.

As mothers, we’re so busy focusing on everything that comes up in our lives each day — children, housework, careers, self-care.

And our marriages often are the last thing on the list — right after taking 5 minutes for ourselves.

But the truth is that when we can finally come up for air and put some time and energy into our partners, we’re going to have to put some intention into our mindset and our actions.

I’ve been mentoring women through this process of rekindling — which is OUR work as well as our partner’s — for several years and the work really does come down to a core set of values to consider.

I’m offering the 5 C’s to Relighting the fire here in this week’s podcast.

Listen now:

Highlights from this Episode

  • Connection building
  • Quality Conversations
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Charisma

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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