This is one of those qualities that MOST women come to the Abundant Mama Online Program wishing they had more of … and since we spend a week focused on adding in playfulness to our lives, we tend to feel lighter and more playful in all areas.

But let’s not take this too lightly.

Being a mom is hard work and it’s a lot of responsibility. Too much, at times.

And all of that adulting can leave us feeling way too serious.

A big part of our Abundant Mama Journey is about learning to dance in the rain and have fun doing so.

That is why I’m thrilled to have this fun discussion with my friend Tanis Frame.

In this latest episode of The Abundant Mama Show, Tanis and I talk about this concept of being more playful and less serious in our lives.

And, she shares her really fun playground rules for life — and motherhood.

As it turns out, Tanis and I speak the same wisdom – with different words.

Where I say abundance .. she says thriving.

I love how she starts her day and I love how she makes a true intention to live what she teaches and how that shows up for her with her own two daughters.

Our conversation is a fun reminder to add playfulness into each day.

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A Fun Reminder to Add Playfulness into Each Day

Highlights of this Episode

  • The importance of being well-rested
  • Developing a simple morning gratitude practice
  • Deciding to Thrive
  • Mastering the dance between striving and creating
  • Nourishing ourselves vs. numbing
  • Being Momzilla at times

Resources Inside this Episode

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