Ready to Be a more Playful Mom?

You dread playing.

You resist having fun with your child.

If you are at all like many of my clients, you want to be more playful and have more fun but your desire to get things done and be the serious leader of your family.

Perhaps you were raised to believe that adulthood is about getting things done and in motherhood that’s pretty much all there is time for — or so it seems.

But your child wants to connect with you.

And you want that bond and connection as well.

If you are often too exhausted and overwhelmed to relax, lighten up and be playful … you are in the right place. 

It’s time to stop living on the sidelines of your own life.

You are living, yes, but not fully enjoying life with your children and partner.

Don’t confuse going through the motions with being playfully present.


The truth is that it can be a challenge to move from adulting to playing with full abandon.

After all, you carry a big load of responsibilities, handle most of the emotional and mental labor of your family and, your own expectations on life zap you of energy to play and have fun.

All of that pressure to keep your life running smoothly leads to stress, distraction and overwhelm as well as feelings of not being good enough.

You long for a day when you can truly open up and be playfully present.

It’s time to change this story …  

Right now, your story may sound something like this:

  • I hate playing with my kids
  • I don’t have time for playing
  • I don’t know how to even play anymore
  • Taking time for playing makes me feel like I’m wasting time
  • I feel so guilty that I don’t play more
  • I am so tired of taking life too seriously
  • I’m too distracted to play
  • I should be more intentional about offering playful activities
  • I dread it when my child asks me to play

It’s true you are not a child anymore.

But your Inner Playful Mama does want to enjoy life. She wants to laugh. She wants to smile more. She is just waiting for permission to stop working so hard so she can play.

Being more playful in your life — as a mother — will open up so many possibilities for your creativity and your life. It’s not just about playing and creating that amazing connection with your child. It’s about reconnecting with who YOU are.

That’s exactly the kind of permission you will receive in Playful Mama Camp, an online e-Course adventure to show you how to infuse a playful mindset into your life so you can finally be open and  embracing of play in your everyday life.


You gotta put play first.

What if I told you there’s a way to reclaim your playful side? What if I showed you how to adopt a playful mindset — what I call a PLAYSET — so you can step into your family life with greater joy, delight and ease. Even in the chaos …

Introducing the 21-Day Playful Mama Online Camp!

I’m Shawn. I am Your Camp Counselor. I am also the founder of The Abundant Mama Project & a

Life Design Coach. And, I am a mom who had to learn how to adopt a playful mindset or else I’d take life way too seriously. In the process, I’ve learned that play is the foundation of a beautiful, creative and fun life. 

The Abundant Mama’s Playful Mama Camp is a 21-day online adventure designed to move you from too serious to totally lightened up and ready for playful living.

Through a series of 14 digital lessons offered over the course of 21 days, you will begin to change your story and shift your mindset away from productivity and toward playfulness and creativity.

Rather than going through the motions of playing as just another should on your list, you will learn how to become playfully present so you can truly play from the heart.

Playful Mama Camp includes a series of playful journaling prompts, life actions, playfulness meditations and life design coaching to inspire you to bring more feelings of playfulness and light-heartedness into your everyday life — and how to pass THAT fun onto your loved ones.

Playful Mama Camp promises to inspire you to …

Learn the Power of YES in your life -- and in play.

Discover what style of play is best for you and how to incorporate it more into your family life.

Develop a 1-2-3 Plan for feelings of resistance toward playful living.

Unlock my ultimate secret to leading with a more playful heart.

Create several fun tools to use to establish a more playful mindset - a playset -- and a playful family life.

Learn how to cope with messy play and noisy play.

Find delight in the Art of Playful Self-Love so that your playset is strong for years to come. It will serve you well in the teen years, for sure.

What You Can Expect From Playful Mama Camp:

You will receive access to our Playful Mama Camp Site that holds all of your lessons that will be offered over the course of this 21-day online experience. Each lesson will need about 20 minutes of your time and attention. Some lessons may take longer. Others shorter. Each lesson has a space for you to leave comments, ask questions and connect with other campers along the way as well.

Each lesson in the course is also delivered to you in a blog-style format so you can log in and do the work on your own schedule. BUT we'll be sending you fun accountability emails along the way to keep you motivated and inspired to do the work. Because, you know, life happens. We'll do our best to keep you motivated to be playful along the way.

What you need -- This online camp is an experience that includes worksheets you will want to print out as well as some deep dive journaling prompts that you'll want to do in a (playfully fun) journal of your choice.

Ready to Embrace Your Inner Playful Mama? Let’s do this.  

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Highly Sensitive Mom — Will this program help me with feeling overwhelmed by messes and noise of play?

Absolutely. This program was built FOR highly sensitive moms who tend to question everything they do as mothers — and as women — because of their passion feelings and empath tendencies. A few of the lessons directly address the overwhelm that play can bring to your life and home.

I am too busy to play and I seriously do not think anything will ever help me be playful. How will Playful Mama Camp address this?

It’s true that you may not FEEL as if you can never change but I must challenge you on this concept. Busyness is everyone’s biggest challenge. We are all super busy. The difference between those who are having more fun and those who are not is simply CHOOSING to do things a different way. If you want to make a different choice, this course is for you.

I’m worried I will not have enough time for this class. What do you suggest?

Time expands when we slow down and have fun. So the minute you start putting your inner playful mama as a priority, you will see that you have more time because you are going to make more time. That said, the program is yours forever so you can access it at anytime. AND I will send you gentle but pushy emails to remind you to do the work and be playful!

I have a friend I’d LOVE to gift this to who I know needs this message. Can I buy it for her?

You are so sweet! Of course. Yes. Just register normally and leave us a note with her email to make sure she gets the content. Best to also email us to make sure we have that in our records.

I feel very stuck in my life and I’m pretty sure nothing can get me out of it. How will Playful Mama Camp help me?

Boredom is real. This happens because we get super comfortable in our lives and then everything — including our happiness — gets stuck at a happiness baseline. It can be super hard to dig ourselves out from under that baseline but it is possible and it’s dependent on the positive actions you choose to do. The Abundant Mama’s Playful Mama Camp will help you take positive action to a new level and you should feel a jolt of joy and playfulness almost instantly.

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