Supermom Syndrome is alive and it’s rampant.

Right now you are probably not too far removed from a thought about something you SHOULD do as a mother — something that you saw on a blog post or a magazine article, something that seems like it is the best thing.

But to be honest, you are tired.

You are tired of trying so hard and tired of always missing the mark on perfect parenting or perfect home keeping or perfect marriages.

  • Your house is a mess and not that minimalist masterpiece it *should* be.
  • Your schedule is filled to the brim because, frankly, it’s easier than staying home all day or all weekend managing sibling squabbles.
  • Dinner is a mound of soul-nourishing foods to heal you on the inside rather than that wholesome, sugar-free organic *clean* recipe the other moms are doing.

This is the reality of the modern mother — constantly barraged with the perfect life we should be living battling up against what we really do. I see this ALL the time with the moms I work with in the Abundant Mama Program.

What I see is this — a movement of moms who have forced unreal and superficial societal expectations on themselves that leave no room for error and certainly no grace for themselves to be imperfect and flawed.

We are in a generation of raising children whose moms care more about their perfect image being projected out into the world and yet on the inside we’re all a hot mess as a result of our constant failings to achieve goals that weren’t even ours to begin with.

supermom wannabes

Five years ago, when I launched the very first Abundant Mama online class, the goal was the same as it is right now — to see the beauty in our lives AS IT IS RIGHT NOW.


No judgments. No lofty goals. No perfect pictures needed.

In fact, our diverse mom community time and time again amazes us in its sheer perfectly imperfect stories. Hearts spill over with relief to air our mistakes, our sadness, our joys, our sorrows. And, by the end, every mom that finishes is closer to being her true, authentic self.

Real life isn’t neat and tidy. It isn’t color coordinated. It isn’t Instagram-worthy.

It’s messy.

And complicated.

And chaotic.

And so absolutely beautiful it can bring you to your knees — if you let it.

If you let it.

What I know is this … you are doing the best you can with the family you’ve been blessed to have and love and cherish.

No one else has your highly sensitive nature. Your challenging kiddo. Your solo-parenting life. Your lack of a village to help you when you just. need. a. break. Your loneliness. Your depression. Your anxiety. Your fears. Your passion. Your big heart.

Your unique motherhood journey isn’t magazine perfect.

It’s YOU perfect.

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So here’s your permission slip … BE YOU.

Be you.

Be you.

Be you.

Because there are no personalized parenting books to tell you how to do you so you get to make it all up and do it your way, entirely.

It’s true. You don’t have to read some parenting expert’s book to tell you how to mother because it’s likely that book doesn’t address your personal circumstances — like how you’re a single mom barely making ends meet and trying to do it all.

Or how you are a stay-at-home mom far from family whose partner works long hours — sometimes days or weeks at a time — so you are really soloparenting most of the time.

Nor was there a book created for you to parent all of your other children AND the one who’s explosive and challenging and highly spirited.

So that’s the thing I wanted to tell you. You can just do you today. And it will be right because it’s all you know and that’s perfectly OK.

Just do you.

Let the rest go.

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Photo by Jade on Unsplash (featured image)

Photo by Valeria Zoncoll on Unsplash


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