What I love about Gena is that she is full of dynamic energy.
Already this year she has revamped her family’s daily routine and started a major step toward building her own self-care practice. Her voice sparkles with joy. She’s full of ideas. She’s full of energy.
And she’s full of love. I love that she has found that special balance of loving motherhood and loving taking care of herself, too.
It’s really hard to believe that before she went through The Abundant Mama Project e-course this past fall, she felt a void inside of her as she went about her days as a mother.

She was constantly searching for something to fill a space inside her that felt incomplete, she said.

Like many modern mothers, she left her career to become a stay at home mom after having her first son and although she loved it, she also felt uncomfortable, alone, exhausted and overwhelmed.

She felt a constant need to entertain her son rather than take care of herself.

To cope, she began spending too much money on decorating their home, toys to entertain her child and making extravagant meals to impress her husband.

She searched for happiness in many places. In other words, she was chasing the perfect mother myth.


Then, she had her second child and the guilt piled on even greater.

(Sound familiar?)

She was no longer able to give all of her attention to her first child and she found herself repeating “hang on” and “give me a minute.”

Soon, she began dreading even playing at all.

Desperate for ideas to change the way her family was operating, she began seeking out ideas for time management, chore charts, peaceful parenting tips and marriage tips.

That’s when she discovered and signed up for The Abundant Mama Project.

Through The Abundant Mama Project she has found that simplicity and acceptance are key to a happier life at home.

She no longer runs around looking for ways to make herself happy because she has found happiness on the inside by simply slowing down and learning to live more in the present moment and being happy with what she has already in her life.




Her latest and most profound realization, though, was this: She no longer thinks of her kids as an inconvenience.



In fact, she has taken more risks and done more things with her children knowing that things may not be perfect, that their days may not always be smooth.

And she’s less resentful about less time for herself, less worried about a thrown-off routine and less concerned about leading a perfect life.

She’s signed on for another round of the project through my monthly coaching circle, which offers year-round support and community just for the alumni for the course so they can continue — and deepen — their Abundant Mama journey.

She’s ready to start the New Year with more journaling and more fresh air — and more meaningful moments with her children.

Last I heard from her … she was publishing inspirational quotes about being enough on her Facebook page …

This post is a part of the occasional Abundant Mama series that features women who have been through The Abundant Mama Project e-course. This story is directly from Gena Moligano, mom of two who has kindly shared her motherhood transformation. 

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Photo Credit: Rousanna Rodriguez

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