Yesterday my daughter bought a tiny notebook at her school’s book fair.

Being a big fan of journals, I asked her what she planned to write in her new journal.

She thought for a few minutes while I read.

And when I glanced over she writing in one of my purple markers on the cover of her journal.

“Jadyn’s Rules at Home To Be Loving.”

The apples don’t fall far from the trees around here.

We are a mostly loving, peaceful family. Mostly being the keyword.

And so it’s natural that the first Rule in her book goes like this:

1. Give a hug at least 3 times a day or more.

I’m going to save the rest of her sweet rules for another post once she has more in her collection and offer offer my own rules for a peaceful family with the hopes that this message will spread far and wide so that we can create a more peaceful world — one family at a time.

We all want a peaceful family.

Some of us more highly sensitive mamas definitely NEED this more than others.

The thing is that as a family — and human beings living under the same roof — there is bound be noise, conflict and chaos.

Over my years as a mother and working with women around the world on creating family wellness plans that TAME the chaos, I have found a few tricks that work to keep the peace.

If being peaceful as a family is something you highly value in your life, these tips will certainly help get you there one day at a time.

20 Happy Rules for a Peaceful Family

  1. Just Be Kind | Choose being kind over being right.
  2. Say Yes | And Say Yes A Lot.
  3. Ban Busy | Slow the heck down!
  4. Say Thanks | Practice Gratitude.
  5. Set Positive Rules | Loving, Effective Rules.
  6. Make Memories | Create really, really good memories.
  7. Notice the Beauty | It’s absolutely everywhere.
  8. Break Bread Together | Enjoy Peaceful Dinners
  9. Just be | This is the best way to be together
  10. Breathe  | Breathe in love. Breathe out peace. 
  11. Allow mistakes | Celebrate mistakes.
  12. Play | And play often.
  13. Be Emotional | Embrace your feelings.
  14. Be Flexible | Or, as I like to call it be bendy.
  15. Focus on the good stuff | And it’s all good stuff.
  16. Make Messes | Let go of the clean up.
  17. Remain Calm | It’s not easy for your kids either.
  18. Sleep | Always choose sleep.
  19. Embrace Imperfection | Accept human beings make mistakes.
  20. Go Outside | Really, all year long you should be outside.
 DISCUSS: What do you do to keep your family life peaceful?

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