This poem was first published inside The Abundant Mama Peace Circle for our Year of Yes theme in 2018. 

It’s not greedy to need

to stop and catch your breath.

It’s not a selfish act

To need to breathe deeply,

To collect yourself, to ground into this life.

It’s also not a matter of

Having time or not having time.

Everything is better when we stop,

Pause and take a moment to breathe.

When we do, life gets calmer. Easier. Lighter.

The world feels less scary, less hard,

Less all about that past or the future and more

About right now.

And you feel more at ease, more

Centered, and more free when you choose

To stop and breathe.

A deep breath can bring energy,

And life back into our existence. A chance

To see things more clearly.

A chance to start over.

No. Pausing for a breath isn’t selfish.

It’s an act of survival for an abundant life.

©2018 Shawn Fink + Abundant Mama®

Taking time for ourselves is the foundation of The Abundant Mama Project and is wrapped up inside ALL four of the pillars that guide us on our journey. Learn more about the four pillars of being an Abundant Mama here. 

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