I woke at my usual time to do my usual morning routine only to realize my husband wasn’t in bed which meant he was asleep on the couch where I would normally begin my day in meditation. (I learned later that he’s so wonderful that he had slept on a different couch in a different room but I just assumed and never walked into the family room.)

During my morning routine, I created the best schedule I could dream up that included a family hike and drive and a movie. One teenager whined about the schedule. The other took it and ran with it and had a wonderful day. The Hubs rejected the schedule entirely and chose not to participate in anything at all.

And when it was time to take the hike, both teenagers got in the car wearing crocks and fleece socks. I made them change. Then one came out without a coat. I made her get one. To do that, she had to crawl across the kitchen floor because the shoes she changed into were muddy rain boots.


I managed to work in my two blocks of rest and self-care that I had promised myself as part of our Wake Up & Thrive Network focus this month. Even though we have more time than ever to rest, learning how to make rest happen in the mist of chaos is the key.

The kids ended up doing a last minute run to their neighborhood fort to play with a neighbor. I hope they maintained 6 feet apart. They found their fort had been vandalized by the neighborhood boys. This isn’t the first time. It’s all so Anne with an E around here sometimes and I love that.

I cleaned. Re-cleaned. And cleaned again. Every door knob. Surface. Handle. And common area that we all touch. My hands are officially red and dry.


Dan and I ended up taking a nice walk with the dog after dinner. The weather is winning here this week. We’ve done more yard work and house cleaning in two days than we have in a year. This is definitely an upside to social-distancing.

We finished out the first full day of social distancing by watching the movie Frozen 2. OK, I fell asleep while journaling my day. The kids loved it. Dan didn’t bother. I’m sure it was lovely … the teenagers liked it.

Dan slept on the (other) couch as he’s having very minor cold-like symptoms, which it seems like many are starting to have. I appreciate his concerns but I’m pretty sure it’s too late … if we’re passing anything along to each other at home, it’s already happened.

I am struggling to see how I’ll be able to fill my gratitude journal for the first time in 10 years. The same entries are all I can think of … and then it’s all COVID-19 related. After I finished my gratitude journal, I fell fast asleep reading my latest book, which I adore.


In addition to going LIVE on Facebook — as I have been doing here, here, here, here, here, and here … I’ve decided to post a journal entry a few times a week during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020. This will just give you insight into how we are handling this difficult time in our world – and offer you resources and ideas to use as well at home.

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