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This morning was the first morning that truly felt a bit more normal. I began as I love to begin, in meditation, followed by coffee and journaling. I would have had more time to journal if I hadn’t spent so much time reading the news after I poured my coffee. It was intentional news time for me, but I lingered a little longer. Note to self: Set a timer.

I challenged the girls to create checklists for themselves to keep their day filled with positivity and hope. That worked out really well. By mid morning, they had re-arranged their rooms, cleaned them and worked together in a number of ways. J made a fleece blanket that she was super proud of. L is working on her latest YouTube video about her day.

As for me, I took my laptop out to my hammock. It was chilly but nice enough to find my creative groove out there for a bit. I managed to get a few things done — including a blog post journal entry — and going Live on Facebook, which seems to be the best way to communicate right now.I also started a care chain to make calls to higher risk members of our church. My hammock may be my saving grace in all of this.

By late morning we were ready to get out of the house — grateful we have this option — and went to a local park and took a fairly short walk. I realized on this walk that I need to take much longer walks alone starting tomorrow. One teen complained the whole walk wondering if we can make it shorter. Then they both were pushing each other’s buttons and bickering the entire time. in the past they would have ran off to run around on the climbing structures or even into the playground to swing … but alas, that’s off the tables. So, they stick by my side. I get it. We are toGETHER. All. day. long.


I enjoyed a quiet lunch while they scampered off to their rooms to hang out.

By mid-afternoon, I was feeling ready to get outside again. I pulled weeds. Tied up grass my husband had cut over the weekend. And then we took a walk to check on another church member who hadn’t been reached by phone. The girls saw a couple kids from their school on this walk, realizing that a neighborhood near us has more kids than they realized. Not that that matters right now. ūüėČ

I then worked on my certification program — which ends next month — which made me feel SO much better. The work lights me up and I can’t wait to keep using these great tools with my clients who are seeing such great results already. And then I read my book and heated up leftovers for dinner — we continue to S T R E T C H our grocery stash since many things are still hard to come by at the stores (and I don’t want to go to the store!). We enjoyed brownies for dessert that my daughter made yesterday. I snapped at my husband unnecessarily as the stress and lack of routine is really starting to create overwhelm. We will find our new normal groove soon … just haven’t yet!


I opened up Playful Mama Camp to all members of the Wake Up & Thrive Network tonight. This feels good. Playing under normal circumstances. Playing right now is maybe our highest order and deepest need. Our children need to know that we were present and joyful despite the hardships.

And, as I write this, my own girls are zoning out on screens in their rooms after a long day of busyness before they settle in to watch a movie to end their day. I skipped out on that and have a cup of tea and journal and read to end my day. The rest of my week is really busy with a lot of coaching clients tomorrow and another certification I’m working through the rest of the week. I’m so excited to keep doing this work that I love to do. More on all of that soon!

My evening routine was pretty solid with my nightly journaling, gratitude journal and reading soothing me into a blissful sleep that lasted most of the night. As part of my journaling, I spent time thinking about how I want to show up and lead with my private coaching clients today and over the next few weeks. It felt good to focus on this as it’s important to me to remain strong and calm for each person I am coaching at this uncertain time.

Dan had a meeting — they all stayed a safe distance apart and it was under 10 people — and got home super late and I was fast asleep. I worry he’s out and about too much at this point. He feels like he’s been safely away from people. But I just don’t know. And that makes me frustrated.

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