Only Love Today.

This is the mantra that Rachel Macy Stafford’s new book is centered around.

When we start to feel that inner bully rise up and start to lash out at ourselves or our children or our partners … we can choose love.

This is the start of a great conversation I had with Rachel on this week’s episode of The Abundant Mama Show podcast.

Rachel and I have been friends and blogging colleagues for the past six years so it’s an honor to get on the phone and chat with her in a close and personal way.

This mantra Only Love Today is one to live by each day in all situations — even toward ourselves. Perhaps especially toward ourselves.

My favorite part of the conversation — when we both admit that this mantra is HARD to do sometimes and we both completely mess up.

But we never stop trying.

That’s what being an Abundant Mama is all about — the journey.

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{Only Love Today} A Mantra To Live By


Highlights In This Episide

  • Starting a day unplugged
  • Rachel’s Wake Up call
  • Finding out what fulfills you
  • The Angry Mom
  • The bully voice
  • Mantra to use when we’re feeling critical

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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