For nearly seven years, I taught The Abundant Mama Way to hundreds of women through the format of an online class. It started as a four-week class. We eventually trimmed it down to three weeks in an effort to impart the same beautiful program in a little tighter timeline.

And it was working.

But not for me. I felt overwhelmed holding space for so many women for such a long period of time and I felt responsible if women didn’t finish or fell behind.

So we changed our format and began to weave the work into our beautiful tribe, The Abundant Mama Peace Circle. But I realized this past year that joining a tribe such as a membership community is scary for some women who don’t want to be a part of a community. (I love building and being in community so it took me a while to figure this out.)

So, TODAY I’m announcing a brand new format — The Abundant Mama Project Online Program 4.0, if you will.

I’m kicking off the AMP reTREAT series — a brand new, refreshing way for you to work with me and begin, learn and go deeper into the four pillars of our Abundant Mama toolbox of The Abundant Mama Way — which is designed to help you be more peaceful, present and playful as a woman and mother.

  1. Surrender.
  2. Nourish.
  3. Pleasure.
  4. Enoughness.

In this new online retreat format, I’ll be leading you through 90-minute reTREAT online sessions meant to feel like soulcare and self-care. There will be no homework. There will be no forum or group to keep up with. No falling behind. We’ll gather once a month for four months.

Just show up to soak in the goodness, cozy up to the wisdom I share with you and re-enter your life with a plan of action to implement to feel more energy and more meaning in your days as a woman, wife and mother.

And, honestly, you don’t even really have to show up. 🙂

Seriously. These reTREATS are designed and recorded for you to watch over and over again when you need to AMP it UP, as we say. I’ll be doing ALL of the talking. But for those who attend we’ll have some interaction for sure.

You will have lifetime access to each session you sign up to attend. The material we’ll cover is timeless and will serve you as much parenting toddlers as it will parenting teenagers. I promise you that.


You may attend ONE of these sessions. Or all four in our series package. Obviously, signing up for all four means that you will infuse yourself into the goodness of the Abundant Mama Way a little more deeply.

For these sessions, you will want to bring a special-to-you journal. A few pens. Some blank paper such as a doodle pad for children. Your planner or calendar if you have one.

This is a luxurious, pampering series of four online reTREAT sessions — that you can participate in individually or attend all four.

These blissful AMP reTREATs will have a single focus based on Abundant Mama foundations and will last 90 minutes each. You will be invited to ask questions and those will be answered at the end.

Each session is designed to help you feel restored, energized and inspired to return to your life feeling strong and calm — and abundant.

You can expect true Abundant Mama soulcare goodness in all four sessions with a variety of inspiration, actions to take and deep connection to yourself and your life.

These sessions will be held on Crowdcast and recorded. You will be invited to attend LIVE but even if you can’t attend, the recordings will be all yours — forever.

Topics for each session and recording dates include:

Surrender — You know you need to relax, to let go and lighten up but HOW? How do you do that when so much needs to be done and managed and checked off? This AMP reTREAT will passionately lead you through exercises around trust, letting go and, of course, surrender. (reTREAT Day is Friday, Feb. 1 at 1 p.m. EST.) REGISTER NOW

Nurture — You are a human being with needs. Needs that need to be nurtured, restored and celebrated — just like your child does. In this reTREAT, we’ll be diving deep into what it means to nurture ourselves as mothers where we are right now — and under any circumstances in motherhood and life. We’ll be setting the foundation for blissful rituals you will be excited to use in your everyday life. (reTREAT day is March 1 at 1 p.m. EST) REGISTER NOW

Pleasure — You want to play more. Relax more. Have more fun — but it’s hard. It’s hard to find the time. The energy. The resources. This reTREAT is all about helping you CREATE the space for PLAY within and in your home. We’ll be having a total blast so bring your favorite jokes. Laughter is good medicine but it can be hard to find in a serious mama’s life. (reTREAT day is April 5 at 1 p.m. EST) REGISTRATIONS FOR THIS RETREAT OPEN IN MARCH.

Enoughness — You never feel like you’re enough or that you do enough — or that you have enough. Well, we’re going to change ALL of that with this one reTREAT focused on helping you develop an abundance mindset around your own enoughness. Prepare to have your mind blown on how this simple technique and strategy will change how you see your life entirely. It’s going to be beautiful. (reTREAT day is May 3 at 1 p.m.) REGISTRATIONS FOR THIS RETREAT OPEN IN MARCH.

What to expect in each reTREAT session:

  • An opening meditation related to the session’s theme (letting go, nourishing ourselves, etc.)
  • A Visualization Exercise to help you step into the topic of the session.
  • An inspiring conversation led on the session’s topic (ie: surrender, nurture, pleasure enoughness).
  • A Journaling Jam with DEEP DIVE journaling prompts to stir things up for you, get you pouring out your heart onto paper and thinking more deeply about your life.
  • 3 Actions to take AFTER the session to go all in on our topic.
  • A Downloadable Worksheet + a mini playlist to use based on the theme as well.
  • Access to the recorded version to use and re-use anytime you need a retreat for yourself.

There are TWO ways you can participate in these online reTREATs.

Purchase them separately above — choosing the ones you have the most interest in — for $39/each. Add the sessions you are interested in to your cart. We’ll email you the link to join us the week leading up to your session. Enrollment is currently open for the 4-package series and the first two sessions only. 


Purchase ALL four in the series in a package for less than $25/session. Just add the package option to your cart instead. REGISTER NOW

***BONUS — Anyone who signs up for the bundle of ALL FOUR sessions, will receive the AMP Program Home Study for FREE upon signing up today ($49 value!) If you already have been through the program or done the home study, you can receive a FREE month inside The Abundant Mama Peace Circle group coaching program** ($40 value). Just email and let us know that is your preference. (**BONUS OFFERS For *new* members only; not past or current members.)

****FYI — If you are also interested in the upcoming ReKindle class, please contact me to receive a discount on BOTH these reTREATS and ReKindle. We’ll make sure you get a VIP coupon code to do both more affordably.

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