From experience, I know a good bit about strong moms.

Strong moms hold on tightly to far more than they ever release and let go.

Strong ones are afraid of appearing weak because then everything — EVERYTHING — may fall apart.

Strong mothers believe they have to be strong because who will keep it all together if they do not?

Strong mothers can handle just about anything but that doesn’t mean they don’t fall apart inside. They do. They absolutely do. They take it out on themselves. Or their children. Or their partners in life.

Strong ones secretly wish their support network would step in and offer a hand. Or a hug. Or a shoulder. Or a cup of coffee. Or a bit of empathy. Yes, empathy.

Strong moms dream about a phone call that says, “I’ll be right there.” 

Strong moms aren’t afraid of giving up. They’ll never give up. They’re just afraid everyone else will give up on them.


Young mother with her little baby, drinking coffee


Strong mothers know their strength is their power AND their weakness. Their strength carries them through but it also builds walls around them preventing others from getting in.

Strong ones feel weak beyond belief on the inside but are tough beyond measure — tougher than they’ll ever know.

But even the strongest moms need help.

And even the strongest moms need to learn to let go and surrender.

And even the strongest must learn that they don’t have to do everything on their own — nor should they have to.

Asking for help — NEEDING HELP — in this modern world of child-raising is NOT a sign of weakness. It doesn’t mean you are lazy. Or imperfect. Or fragile.

It means you are wise to know your own faults and your own shortcomings and your own needs.

And when a strong mom reaches out and gets beautiful support in return something amazing happens: The strong mothers find strength inside of them. And they grow stronger.

And when a strong mom reaches out and gets nothing in return, well, something amazing happens.

She still gets stronger.

And stronger.

And stronger yet.

Are you one of the strong moms?


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Are you one of the strong moms?

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