Oh how it matters.

And how how it feels good when we feel someone’s kindness toward us.

And how how good we feel when we see our children being kind toward others.

And oh how it hurts when we see our children NOT being kind.

Early this year on the  Abundant Mama Show, I’m spoke with Galit Breen, author of Kindness Wins, about kindness at home, random acts of kindness and other ways kindness matters to families and raising today’s generations of children.

As someone who has always shared my love of the mantra Just Be Kind — I simply LOVED this conversation with Galit.
Show notes are below. 

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On Kindness at home

This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week. As soon as I learned that I knew who I needed to talk to immediately.

In this latest episode of Abundant Mama Show Podcast, Galit Breen and I chat hard about kindness. It’s one of my favorite topics.

Her story about kindness began a couple years ago when she wrote a post about marriage for the Huffington Post in which she shared a wedding photo of herself and her husband.

Almost immediately, commenters came out of internet woodwork and began fat shaming her. She checked the comments to see if anyone stood up for her — and they had not.

Galit felt so ashamed and fell into a deep, dark place. She gave herself permission to be in that dark place for a while.

And as she slowly climbed her way back up, her daughter, who was 10 at the time, began showing an interest in being online and having her own access to social media. That’s when Galit knew she needed to take action.

She’s been on a mission to teach kindness and kindness at home ever since.


In this podcast episode, she and I talk about many ways we can have those tough conversations with our children about being kind online and in real life and how her experience has changed the way she parents her children.

She also shares about the importance of teaching our children how to be kind and, of course, to do that we have to be good kindness role models ourselves.

She shares her thoughts on her own 80/20 rule about kindness in her recent blog post  27 Everyday Ways to Be Kind to Our Kids.

Check out Galit Breen’s book Kindness Wins on Amazon or read her blog These Little Waves. (affiliate link)

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Images in this post were graciously offered by Galit Breen.

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