In a world filled with perfect videos and orderly articles professionally crafted … there is me, a poet, a plant lover, a deep thinking introvert-leaning ambivert and a writer.

And here’s what is on my mind right now — a list of sorts.

  1. I love, love, love the abundance mindset breakthroughs happening already in Enoughness Camp! Tomorrow I will host my first monthly coaching calls for Enoughness Camp. I’m so excited to help you find FREEDOM. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from Guilt. Freedom from Anger. Freedom from Resentment. We’ll begin at 1 p.m. EST To participate, sign up and get started on your Enoughness Journey HERE.
  2. I’m amazed at how many women — even those that have been doing a lot of DIY personal development work for YEARS — are realizing for the first time where their joy is being stolen each day.
  3. Yup. I’m talking about Joy Stealers. They are everywhere and they are NOT your children or your partner. 🙂
  4. What are the joy stealers in a busy woman’s life? In no particular order: Over-Doing. Perfectionism. Anger. Hiding. Resentment. People Pleasing.
  5. Which one is feeling like a burden for you right now?
  6. My heart broke for a coaching client I worked with last week who ended up crying after realizing her joy stealer was something she had never been able to say out loud to anyone else. Our safe conversation opened her eyes to the root of her really hard time right now. And yet I’m so incredibly happy I get to help her find a path toward feeling strong and calm.
  7. The only way through is through. We have to stop putting bandaids on our inner wounds and expecting a totally different outcome. We have to do the work on ourselves, ladies, before we’ll see BIG huge change that leads to confidence, connection and creativity. Netflix and chocolate will only get someone so far.
  8. When we finally understand that our joy isn’t tied up in everything in our lives — including ourselves — being beautiful and perfect … we discover a blissful freedom to be fully ourselves. Imperfectly human and real. #enough
  9. I’m a fanatic about helping you finally accept yourself and your life as it is so you can opt out of the crazy of over-doing. Because no matter what stage of life or motherhood you are in right now, your child needs you to feel confident and strong and calm no matter what is happening. Your child deserves a mother who isn’t frazzled 24/7 trying to keep up with everything and everyone. Your child deserves a mom who can get to the end of her day and think — my mom was so fun today. (Hello, Summer Break Mom)
  10. This takes a masters in resilience. And resilience isn’t something we can just make happen. Like the lotus that needs mud to grow, our lives need darkness and life experiences to help us shine but it’s hard to SEE that in the hard moments of being human. I can get you there. Enoughness Camp will get you there.
  11. This is making me saying WHOA right now because, really, what WILL our children remember of this time?
  12. Let’s remember that this is the storyline of YOUR life right now. You’re making memories.
  13. And it doesn’t need to be perfect or beautiful to be remembered.
  14. You are building a legacy. A lifetime of moments.
  15. You don’t have to let the joy stealers take over.
  16. Enoughness is a field full of wholeness and freedom and ease.
  17. I’ll meet you there.


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