The ultimate goal in motherhood seems to run in the background of our lives.

It comes after feeding the children, bathing the children, keeping the children from misbehaving, cleaning up after the children, reading to the children or teaching the children to read and even after putting the children to bed and falling asleep on the floor next to them.

The goal I’m talking about is to be peaceful, present and playful.

This is the modern mother’s ultimate goal.

And my work as a life coach that specializes in family wellness, this is the No. 1 reason women book me as their life coach.

Not because they want a better life.

But because they want to be better mothers.

In this week’s episode of The Abundant Mama Project, I am breaking down this goal and talking about why it’s such a big deal for modern mothers. And what we must do to make it more of a reality.

Take a listen now.

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