This past weekend, I hosted a new retreat for our Abundant Mamas.

The theme was letting go.

I’m always amazed at how the work I have in my head translates out into reality but this one was especially powerful.

I thanked every single woman in attendance — all 15 of them — for spending the weekend together and trusting. Trusting themselves. Trusting each other. And, especially, trusting me to lead them on a spiritual journey such as letting go.

We left with an intention and a list full of promises we want to make to ourselves.

And that’s why I’m writing this post — my October Intentions. Because if I don’t write it here, it will get lost in the shuffle of my mind. And I thought you might want to make your own October Intentions as well.

So here we go:


Our theme this month inside The Abundant Mama Peace Circle — our global mama community that is filled with daily inspiration, insights and wisdom — is Being Strong.

And while I do have an intention to BE STRONG in many areas of my life, I also returned home from our retreat this week with the intention to soften.

And this led to some great conversations in our community of strong moms expressing our desire to NOT be strong for once.

Ah, the double edged sword of keeping it all together and being a strong woman. We hold up the world all day long, but for once we’d just love to fall apart.

We won’t fall apart. You know this.

I know I won’t … the risk is too great.

But I can soften. I can lighten up. I can rest. I can be still and tap into stillness.

And that is what I plan to do. I’m going to be bringing a lot of messaging on this front forward … because we can be strong and soft at the same time.


As part of my intention to soften, I’m also going really strongly deeply back into our Abundant Mama Basics. The four foundations that keep me sane in this crazy world. I recently shared this on Instagram about why this is so vital.

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This week A STORM washed up on the shores of my life. I left a meeting crying and feeling at odds with my choices of where I put my energy and time. And then I went home, AMPed It UP as we say, and focused on the BASICS. I was quickly reminded that the 4 Pillars of being an Abundant Mama are timeless for any situation, any storm that strikes. More often then not, our storms in motherhood don’t have to do with mothering. They have to do with the world — and people — around us. This work we do works for IT ALL. Because … life. {Sigh.} Stay tuned for a FUN project we’re going to be doing together to sink into ONE of our pillars. Make sure you are opening emails! 🙂 #AbundantMama #TheAMP4Pillars #Gratitude #Motherhood #MomsofInstagram

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Perhaps it’s the change of seasons or the cooler temperatures but I have a longing to create things. New things. Beautiful things.

And so I’m giving myself some permission to do just that this month. I hope to share those creations on Instagram along the way!

First up is a new eBook! Stay tuned for that.


Over on my Facebook page, I shared a post about connecting with our children — particularly those of us with older children.

And so my final intention this month is to find creative ways to connect with my girls. I’ll be starting an accountability group for this in the Abundant Mama Peace Circle and trying to share some of the lessons learned along the way.

I know we have many moms who want to make this an intention as well — regardless of their kiddos’ ages.


I have some BIG areas of my work that I want to focus on this month. I want to cross off a few things on my list. This is going to require putting away a lot of noise that is going on around me — and to really zone in on what matters most. That means saying a lot of NO and NOT NOW.

The results, I hope, will be some progress on some long-running to-dos that I am ready to let go of this month so I can move on and put them into action next month.

Sometimes just zeroing in and focusing on AND FINISHING ONE thing is the energy booster I need.

How about you? What’s your intentions for this month?

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