Imagine mothering from a place of enough … the Land of Plenty.

I talk a lot about gratitude, abundance and the land of bitter and sour. But what I really need you to know is that this is urgent.

We can’t keep perpetuating the cycle of not enough. If you look around everyone is living in fear of not getting their share. This is creating a world filled with selfish, ego-driven behavior.

Not enough time.
Not enough money.
Not enough things.
Not enough beautiful experiences.
Not enough friends.
Not enough self-care.
Not enough activities.
Not enough camps.
Not enough clothes.

Learning to finally embrace ENOUGH in OUR lives is the key to teaching our children to find their own version of enough.

Imagine a child no feeling left out because they have one really good friend rather than ALL the friends.

Or having plenty of toys. 🙂 Or in the case of my teenagers … name brand shoes.

It all begins with us. The messages we’re sending on what is enough and how we may or may not feel enough on our own.

This is our goal. Our mission. Our journey as Abundant Mamas.

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