It’s that time of the year when we all feel scattered and overwhelmed.

The busy life begins to take over.

And we have this longing to simplify, pull back the layers and just be in this world more – but we can’t seem to figure out how.

Every month, I host a beautiful online planning call for several of my Abundant Mama alumnae. These planning calls are absolutely one of the highlights of our month — to gather and plan out a delicious month so we feel productive AND peaceful. We leave these calls feeling clear and motivated.

This month, as we set forth to plan an Abundant October, the idea of overwhelm came up overwhelmingly.

I knew it would. The same feeling was running through me, too. And posts about it were showing up on Facebook from various circles of mine.

Anxiety is fierce this time of the year. This is one of those seasons of motherhood that just come and go. Ebb and flow. Busy … unbusy.

The only way I know to tackle motherhood overwhelm is by taking action. Baby steps … giant steps … any steps at all.

A Simple Strategy to Reduce Motherhood Overwhelm

It’s not that we don’t have enough time, its that we’ve forgotten about what balance can feel like and we need to recalibrate and find our center.

We must first decide to stop saying I’m busy and start taking ownership of how we choose to spend our time.

Rather than saying I’m so busy, we can say, “I choose to let my children enjoy after-school activities because it enriches their life.”

Instead of saying I’m so busy, we can say, “I choose to take time to spend with my friends and in community because friendships are important to me.”

When we really are busy instead of saying, “I’m so busy,” we can say, “I choose to spend my day doing ______?” And fill in all those important things you are doing.

Anxiety and overwhelm happen when we aren’t paying close attention to what matters — when we’re not in touch with our values and living them fully.

In fact, overwhelm happens a lot when we’re basing our to-do list on shoulds rather than wants.


Here’s a fun little process to do if you are coping through a bout of overwhelm or anxiety right now.

To reduce my own overwhelm and to help my clients do the same, I gravitate toward the essentials. Of course we can pile our plates with too many wants and wishes and shoulds.

But what is essential?

To get at this, I run through a specific process — a process that I also teach my daughters when they start to feel overwhelmed with a project or school work — a process that I’m sharing with you today.

But, typically I run through this process quickly and efficiently at once on my Abundant Mama Priorities Planner — a printable worksheet I am offering to you. Sign up for that free download below.

Additionally, I’ve prepared  a short video explanation of this simple strategy for overwhelm to go along with the printable to-do list so that you can see exactly how the process works for me. This is the system that I personally use to combat my own overwhelm. The video and download are both free and really simple to implement into your life.

A Simple Strategy to Reduce Motherhood Overwhelm

1.   Do a quick scan of all your to-dos in one sitting – write down what needs to be done, what you want to do and what you hope to do this upcoming month. You can even add the “should dos” on your list if you are willing.

2.  Prioritize your list by what needs to be done right now, later and sometime soon. 

3.  Read over your list before you meditate, do yoga, walk, etc. (relaxing things). Do lots of deep breathing — focusing on long exhales to bring your stress level down. 

4.  Return and read your list and see what kind of revelation you have about what matters, what’s most important. Let your inner wisdom tell you what needs to be done right now and what can truly wait until tomorrow or another day.

5.   Cross off anything that is a should that doesn’t feel good to you. Put a hold on anything that isn’t urgent. Take action on what needs done right now and set a timer to make it happen.

7.    Celebrate what you DO get done.

Helping you reduce overwhelm is important in my role as a family wellness coach. I am constantly refining how to tackle all the things while still staying true to myself, my values and being present at home and in my life.

Our children and family need us to be present and awake in our lives and we can’t do that when we feel like we’re drowning in so many things to do.

Take action right now to reduce your own overwhelm. Grab your free downloads now below.

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