Missed moments.

So many missed moments.

Doing this. Planning that. Going here. Stressing about that.





What does it mean to be a present parent?

I’m in full-blown Abundant Mama mode now as I gear up to lead dozens of women on their own journey to present, playful and peaceful motherhood.

I’m always a better mother when I lead this program that helps you be a more present parent. Always.

And, what’s more, my coaching circle — currently just for AMP alumni — is focused on deep, intensive journaling this month and so I’m feeling inspired.

Inspired to not let another moment pass by. Inspired to remember why I love being a mother. Inspired to be that mom who is strong and steady yet soft and warm. Inspired to slow things down and do what feels right.

With that … I wrote this sliver of my morning today as way to remember these fleeting moments of motherhood before they pass so quickly I forget them all.

Morning Time


A sliver of my morning just today …

The kitchen was mostly dark. I was sitting at the counter as I have been doing for months. My coffee cup, now empty, was sitting close to my notebook, spread open with raw ideas and aimless words. She shuffles in quietly and scoots up next to me, leans her head on my shoulder. We rest in quiet togetherness.

“I’ll be right back,” she said, as she shuffles off into the dark hallway and flies upstairs on a mission. She returns, her hands full of her own pencil and writing materials and scoots up next to me once more.

We write in stillness. We write in darkness. The only words passed between us are the sounds of the scribbles on our paper.

And I try my best to stamp this moment into my heart forever. I try my best to glue this memory into my mind.

I try my best to let this single early morning connection be the framework for what is yet undone, unmade and unfinished.


Lately, more than usual, I have been feeling a more intense, inner desire to capture my daughters’ thoughts, sayings and ideas. I have this longing to really understand who they are and who they are becoming and who they will be — and what any of it has to do with me.

Is that selfish?

Perhaps it’s because at eight years old they are growing up fast — faster than I can keep up with sometimes. I feel sentimental not because I will miss these years but because I want them to enjoy their slow childhood as much as I am enjoying it.

But, it’s not just that.

I’ve been distracted.

And rather than go with the distractions like the leak in the wall and the dishwasher that sounds funny and all the car repairs that are looming, my Abundant Mama toolbox shows me how to stop all this crazy worrying stuff and focus on what matters.

In fact, I look at times like these as a fun challenge to bring it all back in and refuse to let life’s stresses and worries ruin two perfectly wonderful childhoods and one perfectly imperfect motherhood.

And the simple truth is that if you want to be a more present mother you just have to choose to show up and be there.

It’s really that simple.

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Featured Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt

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