I’m not sure I can count the number of disagreements my husband and I have had about money over the years.

We can leave it at many.

Money matters in marriage are tricky.

And disputes over managing money is one of those big reasons couples end up divorced — or at least disgruntled. And it can easily destroy families.

In this latest Abundant Mama Show podcast, I’m talking with Bari Tessler, author of the book The Art of Money.

Bari talks with me about her story, money shame — what it is and how it shows up in motherhood — and how being a mother really does change our money story.

And, she and I also talk about how to heal our money stories as well.

But for the sake of this audience, the best part of this call is that she offers up a beautiful tool you — and your partner — can do to work on your money matters together in harmony.

Or, by all means, do them on your own without a partner.

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Inside this Episode

Read Bari’s book The Art of Money.

Visit Bari’s Website

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