Lately, my daughter has been asking me one question over and over in the middle of those frustrating parenting moments when you need your child to do one thing that leads to another.

Such as when she really needed to eat breakfast at 6:30 a.m. because her school van would arrive at 7 or she’d miss it and have to be driven to school.

Her question is about priorities, particularly how they relate to our family goals and modern family values.

For instance, she asked: “What’s more important? Eating breakfast or getting to school on time?”

Well, good question, I tell her and then we discuss why both are important and, why, at that moment eating a good breakfast is more important (she wasn’t going to be late anyway).

“What’s more important? Reading or getting sleep?” she asked the night she wanted to stay up and read but it was late and she’s the child you know needs as much sleep as possible.

Her questions are always poignant. They instantly snap me awake to realizing how a child’s mind works. Her question always stops me in my tracks to remember about this goal of being an intentional mother.

Mother reading book to her sons in the bed

What is more important? Isn’t that the question we should be asking in relation to every move we make?

Creating modern family values is not easy. We’re pulled in many directions with technology, resources, entertainment and ideas and we’re more influenced by others now more than ever thanks to social media.

It’s easy to get confused. It’s easy to feel conflicted. Torn.

Which way is best? What path should we take? What is our next move?

But, a simple question to ask yourself at any moment is what is most important?

Ask yourself what is most important

So, I thought I’d take her question and apply it to motherhood– and life– in general today. Yes, with more questions but no answers. These questions might help you get closer to your own modern family values and understanding the choices you make each day, which is just one step closer to being an Abundant Mama.

What is more important?

  • Cleaning the floors or taking a walk?
  • Being on the computer or reading?
  • Being right or being kind?
  • Being perfect or being real?
  • Being loved or being accepted?
  • Being helped or being told?
  • Being empowered or being changed?
  • Being available or being busy?
  • The phone or the person on the phone?
  • The status update or living the life behind the status update?
  • Answering that email or answering that plea for another book?
  • Cleaning up the house or binge watching that new series everyone’s talking about?
  • Looking good or feeling good?
  • Saying yes or saying no?
  • Trusting yourself or trusting others?
  • Doing what is best for you or doing what is best for others?
  • Waiting or taking charge of a situation?
  • Being in charge or being understanding?
  • Talking or listening?
  • Taking a deep breath or running out of breath?
  • Being here now or being everywhere?
DISCUSS: What is most important right now to you?

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