I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude lately.

To be honest, I always think about gratitude … as someone who has kept a daily practice for eight years it’s easy for me to think about it.

But my awareness right now is on how to make gratitude sustainable for all — through the Land of Bitter and Sour — and the reason is because it feels as if many people are leading from a place of scarcity and not enough.

And it’s exhausting to witness.

I spent the weekend on retreat, and realized on the drive there and the drive back that while we all spend a lot of time in November talking about gratitude, it is a hard practice to maintain and sustain all year long.

Because life happens.

Bumps in the road happen.

Anger happens.

Bitterness happens.

Tragedy happens.

Death happens.

Diagnoses happen.

The natural human mind responds to those ups and downs with the fight, flight or freeze — not be grateful. 

In fact, beautiful humans who are in really hard seasons of their lives — or those who live in it constantly — find gratitude to be forced — like a big pill to swallow.

Gratitude cannot be forced.

Gratitude has to be felt. It has to stir like an energy within you. 

And once you master it — truly master it as a skill — you can find it anywhere and everywhere and in between.

Here’s what you stand to gain from a daily gratitude practice:



When we stop to honor the good in our lives, our hearts open up and start bursting with patience. We suddenly see the abundance in our lives rather than the lack. We are more patient and more interested in OTHERS and not just self.


When we stop to honor the good in our lives, our hearts open up and start busting with LOVE. We suddenly see all the colors that make life more vibrant and worthy — and this opens us up to more love for each other and the earth around us.


When we stop to honor the good in our lives, our hearts open up and start bursting with PEACE. We suddenly see all the ways the world is good and that brings us a sense of calm and peace that isn’t there when we are so focused on the negatives and the lack in our lives.

READY TO HONOR THE GOOD? Gratitude brings much more but you have to first practice — and stick with it — for a while to understand it’s true life-changing powers. Join me for a week of Gratitude is My Superpower! — a FREE workshop to help YOU start and sustain YOUR own life-long gratitude practice — even in challenging times. 

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