The other morning, the second my eyes opened,  I scanned the dark room and I felt it.

The pressure.

To be on, to do, to get things done.

The pressure to be perfect, to keep up, to not miss out, to DO when all I want to do is BE.

And, then it started.

The long list of wants and desires — the things spiraling in my head that I want to do — began to churn in my still-waking-up brain.

All of those things I really want to do, but won’t have time for … the self-care, the solitude, the writing time, the long, cathartic walk, the slow porch chat with my husband.

And suddenly I found myself in the very lonely intersection of IF ONLY.

If only I could get the clutter cleaned out so the house could feel peaceful so we can be happy.

If only I could finish that project so I could have more time to play.

If only we had more money so we could go more places and do more things.

If only …

If only …

If only …

But here’s what I know to be true:

It all gets done.

It all happens, when it needs to happen.

It never feels perfect and it’s never actually perfect, but it’s right for right now and right now is all we ever have so we have to surrender to this reality of beautiful imperfection.

And all of those IF ONLY statements really send us spiraling into the land of bitter and sour and make us feel less than. We don’t want to feel less than.

We want to feel on top of the world.

We want to feel ready.

We want to be the rock that everyone around us needs.

We want to feel joy and accomplished.

We can’t do that when we feel like we’re always behind, always sluggish, always NOT ENOUGH.

To feel on top of the world even when we aren’t is the true art form of being an Abundant Mama.

So I close my eyes. Sink back into the covers for a little while longer.

And I repeat my latest mindful living mantra:

It all gets done.

It all gets done.

It all gets done.

What is your favorite mantra right now?



My new favorite mindful living mantra. It will all get done.

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