There is waking up.

And there is waking up ready to be awesome.

I’ve had many of each and I generally prefer the latter.

But waking up and ready to be awesome takes great preparation — mentally and physically — so that by day’s end, we can sit back and smile at what we accomplished, rather than feel inadequate and deflated.

Yes, my inner critic talks too much.

And I’m not always feeling like I am enough, that I have enough or that I’m doing enough.

But for the most part I do a pretty good job at keeping myself out of the dark shadows and heading toward the light.

I’ve been spending this month both here on the blog and on a much deeper level in my coaching circle helping women build their “enoughness” muscles.

One of my favorite thank you notes that comes from women who have gone through The Abundant Mama Online Program is when they write …. I finally feel like I’m enough.

For some, though, this realization takes months or years.

That’s how far down the NOT ENOUGH path we take ourselves as women. But, the great thing is that with HARD WORK you can change your perspective, your mindset and your scarcity mindset.

In other words, you can absolutely feel like you are enough, you have enough and you are doing enough … with the right tools and strategies in place.

For me, it all begins with a good mantra to feed me all day long so that when I get to the end of my day, I feel like I am enough, I have enough and I’ve done enough.




When I Rise and Shine as part of my own Abundant Mama practice I love to create beautiful, positive energy mantras for my life and my home — and my business.

By putting all of my energy into something positive — like a mantra — I create a life that is focused on appreciating the good I’m already doing in the world — and in my family — and being totally grateful for it all.

Even the not-so-good parts.

So, today I am sharing some powerful statements to use either first thing in the morning or at the end of your day — all of which will carry you through your entire day so you can go to sleep feeling proud of the work you’ve done, not deflated.

Here are 12 Enoughness Mantras to End Your Day Feeling Like You Are Enough, Have Enough and Do Enough:

perfectly imperfect mantra


I am always doing my best.

I am perfectly imperfect.

I’ve got this.

I choose my path.

enough for today mantra


It is what it is.

It will all get done.

Enough for today.

Let it go.

wake up to the good in your life mantra


Less is more.

Be here now.

Wake up to the good in your life.

I have everything I need. 


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You are enough. You have enough. You do enough. Now rest.

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