No time.

Absolutely no time for me.

These are the famous words from every mother, ever.

And yet … we see it over and over again mothers doing amazing things with very little time.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we want something bad enough.

In order to make space for your dreams, you must first want it bad enough to claim or — or reclaim it — to do something about it.

If you find you’re not wanting it bad enough, perhaps that isn’t the dream for you right now, at this time. Your passion project needs to set you on fire emotionally to drive you to completion.

Everything else is just busyness.

Once you know what your passion is and you know how to get it done, as a busy mom you have to make the space in your life to make it happen.

Nothing just happens on its own. And we always put the time in on the things — and people — that matter most to us. Always.

For me, the fastest way to getting my any big dream started AND completed is getting up early. Certainly, rising early isn’t for everyone but it has always been the best possible way for me to find the space in my busy life to think clearly and do the work I long to do beyond care-taking and meeting deadlines.

However you have to find an hour of quiet in your day is what matters. Mornings work for me since I’m just too tired to do anything creative these days at night. The older I get the more this is true. But staying up late does work as well. As does using your lunch break to head to a cafe and spend the time focused on your passions and dreams.

In fact, getting up early is the No. 1 change most of my clients make that change their life for the better.

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Making space in your life has to be an active decision you make as you plan out your day. It won’t just happen. Your life will always be busy until you are ready to slow down and set priorities.

I focus on mornings because if your dream or passion project – or if you just want to take better care of yourself — making it the first priority of your day speaks volumes for how you are holding space for your desires and needs.

When we dedicate the first hour of our day to the most important tasks in our lives, we are making a bold statement of how we want to live. So be bold and live YOUR way for that first hour.

If you look at your day and you think you can’t possibly find one hour then find 15 minutes to set up a bunch of blankets on the floor of a special room in your house where your child likes to play — and grab your notebook and pen and sit down next to your child and work side-by-side while they play. Your closeness will keep them settled. Their creative play will be inspiring to you. And just see what comes.

Today, dedicate ONE hour to your passion project — or in figuring out WHAT it is. And if you don’t know, I LOVE to help you figure it out in my private SoulShine Coaching Program.

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