I’ll never forget my first months back to work after a C-section that brought my twin babies into this world.

My work in those months was running a mentoring program for teen mothers.

It was, in many ways, my dream job.

But carrying twin infant carriers to and from the parking lot down the street was not.

Nor, did I realize that I would be sick all. the. time.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that the working life with infants WAS really hard.

If only my most recent Abundant Mama Show Podcast guest had been around to help.

Lori Mahalich-Levin and I met when she signed up for MY eCourse and then joined my virtual coaching membership program, The Peace Circle.

I’ll never forget the poem she wrote about our tribe of women.

Lori has since started her own business coaching women on making a happy and intentional return to work after having a baby.

In this latest episode, Lori shares her wisdom of how to return to work and keep your sanity and health in tact.

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Highlights in this Episode

  • Transitioning from one baby to two (Second-Child Syndrome)
  • Resources for Moms returning to work
  • Breastfeeding at work
  • Mantras for new moms returning to work
  • Time Management Tips
  • Self-Care Tips for New Working Moms


Resources Inside this Episode

Lori’s Website

Mindful Return E-Course

The Abundant Mama Online Program

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