I don’t know any mom that feels good about falling apart.

And yet she often does … whether she likes it or not.

And if she doesn’t it’s because she’s unwilling to allow herself to fall apart.

Either way, the Land of Bitter and Sour sets in … because when we go low we stay low for a while without a plan to get ourselves out of it.

The thing about falling apart is this — it’s good for us. It’s necessary.

Releasing what’s bottled up inside is a GOOD thing.

When we finally learn how to navigate the lows of motherhood we start to master the lows of our whole life as well.

And this kind of radical self-care in action is the biggest gift of love we can give to our children who are watching how WE handle life’s difficulties.

We may not always get it right.

And that’s OK.

We can teach our children that we fall down sometimes.

And we mess up sometimes.

And we get sad or angry sometimes.

And then we bounce back — as if it’s a blip in our life.

Parenting gives us lesson after lesson of honing our emotional and physical strength by trying to manage the lows in motherhood. It offers us lots of chances to fall into a tailspin and not know what move to make next.

The sheer responsibility of raising a family, keeping a house and a life and taking care of ourselves presents a unique intersection of overwhelm.

And overwhelm is often the real cause behind our falling apart.

I share my own story of overwhelm .. and how I turned it around, too.

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How to Navigate the Lows in Motherhood and Life

Highlights of this Episode

  • The Four Pillars of being an Abundant Mama
  • Creating a Motivation Wall
  • Why Resilience is Vital for Parenting
  • Mantras to use to avoid the Land of Bitter and Sour
  • What true mastery of resilience leads to beyond motherhood

Resources inside this Episode

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