“When I’m feeling down, I make myself a big bowl of Up Soup. The bowl only looks empty, but in reality it’s full of hope. Grab a spoon, there’s plenty for both of us.”  ― Jarod Kintz,

Last week, I asked a question to the women in my online program a simple question.

What is your abundance sticking point?

The question is meant to open the door to a conversation about what prevents us from feeling like we have enough, are enough and do enough. It’s meant to help you create your own definition of abundance so that you can embrace living abundantly more easily.

But ultimately it really opens up a conversation about how we get in our own way. A lot. And the lesson, which is one of my all-time favorites, really becomes about oneness and understanding each other’s sticking points and lives a bit better.

These moms have been responding to this lesson that they feel a lack in self-love, a lack in confidence, a lack in time, a lack in money, a lack in help and support and a lack in motivation.

These feelings of lack lead to feelings of constant desire and craving for things they do not have — for a life they do not have.

It leads to feelings of shame. Fear. Perfectionism.

A young woman is eating tom yum soup at a table outside


Moms are heroes. They are there to kiss every boo boo and there to shuttle kids to and fro and there to say good-night almost every single night. They have to be in a million places and many times they actually, truly are. They have a dozen or more roles to play each day.

And it’s exhausting to do it all so alone. And it leads to feelings of lack. Feelings of scarcity. Feelings of overwhelm. Feelings of not enoughness.

But the second we open our eyes and our minds to why this is occurring for us we start to turn our abundance conversations into how we can live more fully, more peacefully, more playfully, and be more present.

When we learn to clear the hurdles from our own lives, living abundantly becomes not only possible, but it becomes more of a reality.

Which is why I love this response a mama left in the program last week who realized her sticking points — all of them — really came back to one thing — herself.

“I can  release (these sticking points) by realizing that I am the only one in my way. The common catalyst was ME!! I am my very own sticking point to living a more abundant and joyful life!  Only Me … I get in my own way of everything. I am my own stumbling block to greater happiness. This is huge for me … I can’t blame this on anyone else. I take full responsibility for all of my choices, my actions, my life for the way it is right now in this moment.

Yes to that. Yes. Yes. Yes.

What stops you from living abundantly?


What Stops You From Living Abundantly?

Grab yourself a big bowl of UP soup

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