Welcome back to another episode of The Abundant Mama Show.  It’s that time of the year when I love to look back at what I’ve done right and what I may have missed the mark on.

So on this final episode of this holiday sanity series, I’m going to talk about my own lessons learned from this year and I’m also going to give you some reflection prompts to use to see if you can find the lessons learned from this year in your own life.

All of this is similar to the work that we do inside all of my programs such as the home study, The Abundant Mama Life Audit, and of course inside my group coaching program the Peace Circle.

Zooming out is a big part of our work together. When we can take time to look back, reflect and learn from our mistakes — or just realize the lessons we’ve learned along the way — we grow and transform into stronger, more vibrant women.

Listen to this episode below.

Highlights of this Episode

  • What happens when we don’t ask for help
  • What does it take to be brave?
  • My No. 1 Goal for 2019
  • The real secret to changing our mindset
  • The shift I want to make in my work here in the Abundant Mama Project
  • The challenge of doing personal growth work solo
  • My epiphany that will change everything for me in my work as a family wellness coach

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

The Abundant Mama Project Home Study Program

The Abundant Mama Peace Circle

The Abundant Mama Life Audit

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