​“You cannot pour more water into a full cup without causing a spillage.” 

Rasheed Ogunlaru

On this journey to being, we may encounter a lot of resistance. It’s natural for us to think we need to being doing or not doing.

But the truth is that for me … Being is a sacred liminal space in our lives that most people do not often visit. 

It’s not so much about doing or not doing. Producing or not producing.

It’s a feeling. A place of pause. A space that is filled with potential, possibility and power. 

By giving ourselves permission to make space for being, we’re saying it’s OK to find ease. It’s OK to say no. It’s OK to be selfish. It’s OK to set boundaries. It’s OK to let go. 

The Art of Being isn’t in doing nothing. 

But in doing everything that feels good. 

Life starts now.

It’s a flow state. A joy state that allows for doing without pressure, without stress and urgency, without anxiety driving the show.

Last night, I was in a flow state of being as my girls and I gathered on my king-sized bed., which now feels small when we are all crowded in it. 

We sipped hot tea from a shared mug. 

They played this game where I had to close my eyes and they ran their fingers up my.arm until I guessed when they reached the crease space my elbow. I thought for sure I would nail it. I did not. 





This is how I live my life. This is what I teach women to do. 

We have dreams and goals, yes. 

But we also have right now. 

The secret to being happy is learning to balance The Art of Being and Doing.

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