Just do the dishes.

That was the blog post that spoke to me recently and it was a sign when its author reached out to me to ask how I was doing.

The timing was perfect.

Just do the dishes, she wrote.

As I shared on my Facebook page, here’s what I responded with …

Here’s some Abundant Mama Wisdom on this: Do the dishes. OR Don’t do the dishes. There is no right way for you to be YOU in this moment. There is only YOUR way to be you in this moment. So do the dishes. Or don’t. Just be all in on whatever you choose. It’s your life. Your journey. You get to lead.

There is no right way to do motherhood and if there’s anyone out there relaying that message it’s Rachel from Finding Joy.

She and I had a beautiful conversation — check out the birds chirping in the background — about motherhood, embracing imperfection and finding joy in this latest episode of The Abundant Mama Show podcast.

Her wisdom as a mom of SEVEN is obvious. She’s been through it all.

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Highlights of this Episode

  • Self-Discovery in Motherhood
  • Letting out children go
  • Just do the dishes.
  • There is no “after motherhood” conversation
  • Finding Grace for our mistakes
  • Showing up for the little things that matter

Resources inside this Episode

Rachel’s blog, Finding Joy

The Abundant Mama Project

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