“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” ― Marianne Williamson

Can you be happy and not feel joy?

Can you feel joy and not be happy?

This is among the important conversation — and soul work — that our Abundant Mamas are always thinking about — particularly this month as we celebrate our monthly intention –> Yes to Joy.

It is my mission as a family wellness coach to make as great an impact as I possibly can on families … to help them find more peace, and to be happier. If we ever want to see a more peaceful world with less violence, it has to begin with us  — at home.

Right this minute, we have a precious mama inside our tribe who’s husband is dying of brain cancer. Our hearts are breaking for her and her children.

She is far from happy but her work in The Abundant Mama Project over the years has helped her understand that she can still find joy in this darkness. She has shared photos. She has shared her heart. She has shared her joys. And her sorrows. Her joy is wrapped in grief. Finding joy again … in a new way … will now be her life’s work.

But isn’t that the case for all of us?

Life isn’t always easy. It almost wants to sabotage our joy and happiness.

We have another mama who feels strongly that joy eludes her — and we realized that she was just trying too hard. Joy can be easily over-complicated.

And we have mamas who are so tapped into joy that they feel almost like joy is their superpower — a superpower they can draw upon when life gets hard or they start to feel like anxiety is taking over, as it often does. Joy can be a strategy to bring out all the time — and to teach our children as well.

Joy vs. Happiness

Our mamas inside The Abundant Mama Project membership tribe had this to say recently about this question around joy:


🌞 “I think happiness simply is a good mood/vibe, whereas joy comes from a place deep within…total alignment with mind, body, and soul. Happiness comes and goes; joy is the very essence of our being, there for us to connect with whenever we choose.” – Libby

🌞 “Joy is a deeper resonance in my being where happiness is more a feeling in a moment.” — Lize

🌞 “I was kind of thinking of it the opposite of Libby … that happiness is deep and abiding, you can BE happy, whereas joy is something we capture or bring or which can be stolen. I guess the words don’t matter – the feeling each brings is what is important!” — Rani

🌞 “Happiness is simple, on-the-surface, maybe fleeting pleasure. Joy is something bigger, deeper, rooted. To be joyful is to be full and heavy with happiness.” — Summer

—> Joy is always a BIG topic for us inside The Abundant Mama Project because isn’t that what we all want in life — to feel joy? Joy in the mundane? Joy in the boredom? Joy in the chaos? Joy in marriage or parenting or that time of the month. 🙂

Ultimately, our conversations — and the daily practices we do as Abundant Mamas — lead us back to this: Joy is an inside job. Period. We have to work for it. We have to do the work on ourselves before we can truly FEEL it.

Listen to this conversation around joy vs. happiness on this week’s Abundant Mama Show podcast.

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