I sent a few emails this week that pushed my comfort level.

And each one brought me a nice pang of joy along with them.

I’ve learned to really figure out what brings me joy.

And sometimes I’m in a fallow season and I do very little to add joy to my life.

We all get down.

Some of us feel down more than others — as I wrote about in my recent post on recognizing mama funks.

For me, joy injections need to happen on a daily basis.

That’s not even true. I need joy injections all day long, which is why I work tirelessly to teach women HOW to rediscover their happy place over and over and over.

As a highly sensitive mama, I need to keep my joy level on the increase all the time. I love that I have had access to the world’s mothering community in my program. Each session brings so many beautiful new ideas to light on how to live more joyfully and abundantly.

It’s really quite beautiful.

5 Ways to Put Joy Back into Your Day

Here are 5 Ways to Put Joy Back into Your Day

Start a Journal

Journaling is truly my best defense against heading into the Land of Bitter and Sour. And it’s my secret weapon to getting out of the Land of BS, too. I love creating prompts that will move us from feeling stuck and overwhelmed into relief and joy.

Unplug & Get Outside

There is no doubt that being outside — even in the snow, rain, cold or wind — we feel refreshed and ready for a great day. Not sure if unplugging is right for you? Check out my popular post about 20 Bad Habits that Contribute to Mom Burnout.

Start 5 o’clock Hugs

This is a FUN way to put the JOY in your day and get the whole family on board, too. It doesn’t have to be 5 o’clock, either. Anytime that your schedule needs it works! Read more about this concept here.

Share your Heart

Find a friend. Call a friend. Or reach out to someone in your online community and tell them what’s on your heart, ask for what you need. This is hard for those who are lonely … but not impossible. I share my heart with my online community of Abundant Mamas as it’s my safe haven, for sure.

Do What You NEED

Finally surrendering to doing something you’ve always wanted to do — or been thinking about doing is a really beautiful way to pick up the joy level in your life. And when we have more joy, we feel like we’re finally in the right place as moms and women.

I find my job as a family wellness coach to be the most inspiring when I can take an overwhelmed, busy mom who feels pretty much like she’s not good enough and show her how to take such good care of herself that she has so much time and energy for EVERYTHING that matters.

About the Author

Shawn Fink is an author and family wellness coach for mothers around the world who long to be more present, more peaceful and more playful at home and in their life. She is the author of two books, including The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow. Her work has been featured internationally including in Mind Body Green, The Huffington Post, Mamalode and The Shriver Report. Get more wisdom via email by signing up below.

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