Change can be overwhelming. It can feel impossible.

And yet … change can be liberating and exactly what we need to jazz up a life that is feeling out of sorts.

For myself and many others who identify as highly sensitive, trying to make change can result in a total brain shut down.

Too many ideas. Too many how-tos. Too many steps. Too much uncertainty.

This kind of reaction to change often results in … absolutely nothing.

No change. Or very little change.

We have a longstanding rule here in The Abundant Mama Project: Be the Change You Want to see … in your family.

It almost always works like a charm. Almost. 🙂

In the spirit of this new year — and I feel a strong sense that change is on the minds of many this year already — I’m offering a week-long Be the Change Mini Bootcamp here on the blog and on the podcast.

Because I want to help you set the stage for change.

To be ready for change.

Many people who join my programs, have great success. I give those women credit because when they joined they were READY for change. They were ready to do things differently.

Those who end up quitting long before they see any results just weren’t ready for change.

Like anything. You have to want it.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to lead you through a series of reflective exercises and action steps to get ready for the change you desire in your life.

Maybe it’s something heroic like trying to be the change in the world you want to see.

Or maybe it’s more subtle, like being the change you want to see in your marriage, or in your friendship circle or with your family.

Regardless, this week we’re going set the stage for conscious, intentional change. Change that you ask for and want. Change that you crave and need. Change that will create S P A C E for what is next to come into your life.

We begin tomorrow. No email to opt-in to … no “coursework” to do. Everything I’ll be offering to you can be done while you drive/fold laundry/walk/take a shower.

To prepare, you don’t need to do anything at all except breathe and make some space to let your mind be WIDE open. Put away all judgments of yourself and all the shoulds (should lose weight, should exercise, should read more, should declutter, should volunteer, should stop yelling, should … should … should.)

And once you are ready to let go of those shoulds, listen to my podcast on this week-long challenge and on change now. Please share this post with a friend who you know needs or wants to make a change but isn’t sure how.

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