They say it takes a village to raise a child.

Modern mothers around the world are proving every single day that they don’t really need a village to raise a child. Sure, they long for it because that’s what they really feel a child needs. And it’s great when a child DOES have that daily village to raise them up.
However, it’s not happening in many, many, many families. Modern mothers are isolated beyond belief — living far away from families, living in neighborhoods where people don’t play outside that much or in towns where they just feel alone.
A child’s village is who’s there for them day after day. A child’s village is a present and playful and peaceful parent or guardian. A child’s village is their stuffed animals and dolls and action figures.
It’s the mother who suffers when she doesn’t have a village.
It’s the mother who feels that loneliness.
Trust me, I’ve been there.
And I’ve not been alone — as I’ve learned now going in my FIFTH year leading Abundant Mamas around the world.

Thousands and thousands of mothers have been and are raising children on their own, without a village, without a net to catch you, without a cast of fall-backs.

The truth is that it really takes a village to raise a mother — and it’s a lot easier to find a friend for a mom then it is a set of eyes or hands or a shoulder to lean on for a child.

A village that understands helps a mama blossom into her true self.

A village that offers undivided support and love — and honesty — helps bring ease and relief.

A village that’s been there — a few times — makes us feel less alone and more connected.

A village that’s not afraid to look out for your best interest offers calm wisdom and peace of mind.

A village that is on the same path to being a peaceful, playful and present LIGHT for raising thriving children and happy families offers a safe place to land on the hard days.


A few years ago, I created The Abundant Mama Project to be that village of creative, supportive and passionate women that I lacked in the early days of my own Abundant Mama journey.

I was terribly lonely — and, therefore, lost.

 I finally discovered all the amazing tools and strategies I needed to feel abundant, joyful and peaceful in my life. 

Honestly, I learned how to be my own village despite that immense loneliness.

The Project offers YOU those very tools to help you get out of the Land of Bitter and Sour by showing you how to fill yourself up and add joy to your daily routine.

AND — it  offers that village you crave to help raise you into that woman you are becoming in the trenches of motherhood.

Now going into our FIFTH year and after gathering and teaching more than 1,000 mamas to begin their Abundant Mama journeys, I can say YES. I did this.  

I created a village for mothers around the world.

Let’s do this. Our first village gathering begins soon. It’s safe. It’s private. It’s wisdom and community. And it’s a place where you can finally take off your shoes, put down your heavy bags and bare your heart and soul and feel heard and seen as the woman you are right now.

You’ll leave the village stronger, calmer and more ready than ever to be the mom and woman you want to be.

You’ll leave the village walking taller. You’ll leave the village smiling more.

Your light will shine brighter.

The village doors are now open to everyone. Reserve your space now.

Till then … keep on raising your mama self!  






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